Top 5 Tips For Applying a Scholarship

Applying for scholarships can be so stressful and overwhelming. Some universities talked to successful scholarship recipients from across the country for their keys to success. Here are their top 5 tips for getting that scholarship.

Tip one: Get organized

This is not a time when you want to be pulling an all-nighter. So determine which documents you need early and make a schedule with all key dates and deadlines, So you don’t feel stressed or overwhelmed. Also plan to submit your application a few days before it’s due That way, in case you run into any type of problems you’ll have lots of time to fix them.

Tip two: One size does not fit all

Carefully read the scholarship criteria and tailor each application accordingly, Don’t just copy and paste from one to another. Each of your applications should be genuine and respond to the specific Scholarship requirements

Tip three: Pick references who know you and your work

It’s important that your references understand the scholarship criteria and can clearly see why you are a good candidate. So, consider giving them a few bullet points with extra information to help them develop their letters. Also, no last-minute requests. Make sure that you give you references lots of time to develop thoughtful recommendations.

Tip four: Proofread and repeat

The first draft of your scholarship application should never be your final draft. Errors are really distracting and they reflect badly on your credibility. So find your local grammar geek and ask him or her to proofread your application before you submit it.

Tip five: Be unique, be you!

Some scholarships receive hundreds and even thousands of applications. But luckily there’s only one you. So, what makes you unique? Consider which of your achievements will set you apart from the others and leave a lasting impression.

Go on, brag a little. It’s your moment to shine.

How to Write a Good Scholarship Essay

In order to really compete for some of these big top scholarships, you’re going to really want to make sure that you follow the guidelines first, but also that you really pour yourself into this essay. Usually you’re going to be given a pretty broad topic to write on and you’re going to be able to put a lot of yourself into it because the people who are going to be reading this essay really want to know who you are and what you plan to do with your life.

So of course first of all have a plan and second of all implement that plan whenever you’re writing your essay. I have and example here for a recent winning national merit scholar essay. And this essay is one in which the student speaks of his plans for his life in order to help, you know essentially the world. He has some really big things that he wants to do in his life. He says that he has, having read many books on relativity quantum mechanics, existentialism, religion, capitalism, democracy and post-Aristotelian philosophy, my quest for knowledge has only intensified. So this guy is apparently a very bright guy who has gotten this scholarship right out of high school.

You don’t have to had read many books on quantum physics and your goal does not have to be to create a theory for the creation of the universe. But you do need to really sort of pour all your dreams in to this essay and try to mold the essay around yourself so that the essay itself will make you shine and be more attractive to that particular school. So really don’t worry about going over the top in a sense, but do worry about keeping your integrity.

Make sure that you are not just writing your essay just to impress but that you really do stand behind the things that you are writing in. And so good luck with that and hopefully you’ll get your scholarship.