Scholarships & Financial Aid : About Scholarships for African-American Females

Hi My Name Is Bert Kramer And I Am A Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About Scholarships For African-american Females And There Are A Lot Of Scholarships Available To A Lot Of Different Diversity And Background As Well As Race And You Can Start Looking For These Scholarships By First Going To Your New University And Seeing What Is Available You Can Also Check Out Nonprofit Organizations That Possibly Gear Mostly Towards African-americans And See What Scholarships Say It Have As Well Also There Are Just General Types Of Scholarships Like A Diversity Scholarship At Which You Might Qualify For Pretty Much With A Diversity Scholarship Is Just Going To Ask You What Really Separates You From Maybe The Public As Well As What Different Types Of Experiences You’ve Had That Make You Diverse If You Have Additional Questions Regarding Pell Grant You Can Visit Our Website At WWDC Edu

Endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships

♪ (Music Playing) ♪ The Australian Government Australia Awards Endeavour Scholarships And Fellowships Provide Opportunities To Establish Strong, Long Lasting Personal, Academic And Professional Relationships Between People, Institutions And Countries. I’ve Never Stayed Outside Of Bangladesh For This Long. It Has Transformed Me As A Person, My Outlook Towards The World, My Way Of Thinking. It Has Shaped Me Differently. Really Endeavour Gave Me This Opportunity That I Can Collaborate With So Many World Leading Experts. So That’s Great. The Program Is Merit Based And Is Open To Both Australians To Undertake Their Program In A Participating Country Overseas, And International Applicants To Undertake Their Program In Australia. I Was Lucky Enough To Spend Six Months In Canada, And Then Across The Atlantic, Six Months In Switzerland. I Made Contacts That I Hadn’t Even Dreamt Of. The Endeavour Really Does Take You To That Extra Level In Terms Of Your Standard Of Living, In Terms Of The Opportunities To Conduct Field Research. That’s Something That Most Students Really, Really Struggle With. Since 2007 Over 5,800 Individuals Have Accepted An Endeavour Scholarship Or Fellowship To Undertake Research, Study Or Professional Development Overseas. It’s A Great Opportunity, And Australia Is A Multicultural Country And Everyone Here …

Time management tips for PhDs

I Think Each Of Us Are, To Some Degree, We
All Have Similar Needs, To Some Degree, As Academics We Have Certain Projects That Run
Similar Pathways, So To Speak. So I Would Definitely Look At How It’s Been Done Before.
Don’t Think You Have To Reinvent The Wheel. Consider Looking At Historical Evidence, Look
At Project Templates, Talk To Peers, Talk To (potentially) Supervisors, Etc, That Have
Done This Before. So That They Can Say “”hey, I Used That Tool” Or “this Is How I Actually
Did It Before.” SO What We Call That In The Proejct Management World Is Expert Judgement.
Look Towards Our Peer Group Or Look Outside Of Ourselves When We’re Planning. And My Other
Methodology Is To Think About Building A Plan. If You’re Working With The Thesis Or You’re
Working Towards A Goal, Maybe It’s A Doctorat. I Would Maybe Backward Engineer That A Little
Bit. Look At What My End Deliverable Is. And For Some People It’s Different, For Some People
It’s “I Want To Walk Across That Stage And Receive That Diploma In My Hand.” And For
Some Other People It’s “I Really Would Like To Change The World And I See …

Financial Aid : How Does Financial Aid Work?

Hi My Name Is Bert Kramer And I’m The Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Talking About How Does Financial Aid Work And It Is Very Simple Pretty Much The Very First Thing You’re Going To Want To Do When You’re Inquiring About Financial Aid Is To Complete The Free Application For Federal Student Aid All University And Schools Do Require That This Is Completed Before They Can Decide Whether Or Not You Will Qualify For Federal Aid And You Can Find This At Www Rgg Edu Now When You Complete The Application You Are Going To Want Copies Of Your Most Recent Tax Forms Along With Your Parents If You Are A Dependent Student If You Have Any Other Questions Regarding How To Complete The FAFSA You Can Go To Their Website Again At WWF A Fee AED You Or You Can Also Visit The Department Of Education Website Where They Have A Lot Of Questions That They Can Answer For You If You Have Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Website At Www Rgg Edu

Tell Me About Yourself – A Good Answer to This Interview Question

Hey, It’s Linda Raynier Of Career Strategist, Speaker And Coach. And In This Video, I’m Going To Teach You 3 Tips In Order To Answer The “Tell Me About Yourself” Interview Question The Right Way, So That You Can Stand Out In Front Of Hiring Managers And Ideally, Land More Job Offers. Now Before We Begin, There Are A Couple Of Ground Rules You Need To Know Before You Can Develop The Perfect Answer To This Question. Rule #1: Do Not Talk About Your Personal Or Family Life. When Someone Asks You, “tell Me About Yourself,” They’re Not Actually Asking You To Tell Them About Your Personal Life Choices, And The Mistakes That You’ve Learned From, And How You Got Here As A Human Being. They’re Not Actually Asking You To “tell Them About Yourself” They’re Actually Asking You To Tell Them About Your Qualifications, Your Experiences, As Well As Why You’re A Good Fit For This Role. That’s It. They Just Want To Know About Your Professional Background And Experience In A Nutshell. Rule #2: Do Tell A Story. Even Though I Said, You Shouldn’t Be Telling Them About Your LIFE Story, You Do Want To Tell Them Your Professional …

Student Loans : How to Get a Student Loan for a Private Pilot’s License

So, You Believe You Can Fly. I’m Cheri Ashwood.
I’m A Guidance Counselor And Today I’m Going To Tell You How To Get A Student Loan For
Your Private Pilot’s License. You’re Going To Pay Roughly Anywhere Between $6,000 To
$10,000 To Get Training To Obtain A Private Pilot’s License. This May Be Paid By The Hour
If You Choose To Go To A Flight Club Or A Private Instructor For Training. There Are
Some Technical Schools That Also Offer Associate Degrees And, Through These Institutions, You’ll
Be Eligible For Any Scholarship Or Financial Aid That The School Offers As Well As Federal
Loans. And Some Examples Are Broward College Or A College In Texas That Has What Would
Be Called An Aviation Technologist’s License. To Get Student Loans Outside Of The Federal
Government, You Can Solicit Private Organizations. I’m Sure There Are Flying Organizations That
Would Want To Lend You Money. A Private Loan Would Also Be A Good Idea Or A Part Time Job,
Saving Money To Help Pay For Your Private Pilot’s License. I’m Cheri Ashwood. I’m A
Guidance Counselor And Your Future Starts Today.

How To Write A Perfect Admissions Essay (Statement of Purpose)

Hello Guys, Welcome To My Channel Thank You So Much For Subscribing And Commenting And Sharing What You Think About Education Abroad. And Today I Have A Guest – Walker Who Is From The United States And Today We’re Going To Discuss Motivation Letters This Is One Of The Most Important Aspects When You Apply To University And I’ve Gone Through This Process I Wrote 6 Motivation Letters Because I Applied To 6 Universities And I Know It Plays An Amazing Role In The Application Process We’re Going To Discuss Top 5 Things You Need To Consider When Writing A Motivation Letter. So Walker, Could You Please Introduce Yourself? I’m American Living In Russia Phd In Asian Relation Studies From The University Of Pensilvania We Start In America Learning About Motivation Letters When We’re Getting Ready To Go In A Camp My Friend In New York Said That Their Daugher Who Is 11 Has Had To Write Her First Motivation Letter To Go Into A Private School. As Much As We All Hate Doing It It’s An Essential Part Of Life And It’s Selling Yourself And Showing Yourself As Individual Who’s Capable Of Doing Something Basic Part Of American Culture And Something That Is …

Federal Financial Aid : How to Apply for Student Grants

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I Am The Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About How To Apply For Grants And The First Thing You’re Going To Want To Do Is Complete The Free Application For Federal Student Aid What This Application Is Is Pretty Much A Measure For Schools To Know What You Will Qualify In Federal Aid And For This Form You Will Be Required To Enter In Your Prior Years 1040 Tax Form As Well As Your W-2s Once A School Can See What You Qualify For In Federal Aid They Will Notify You And This Again Is Based On The Expected Family Contribution Number Which Is Located On Your Results For Your FAFSA What This Number Is Is Pretty Much Telling Us What Your Need Is For School And How Much The Government Believes That You Could Possibly Give Towards Your Own Education If You Have Additional Questions Regarding Pell Grant You Can Visit Our Website At Www Rgg Edu

Educational Grants & Financial Aid : What Are the Financial Guidelines for Pell Grant Eligibility?

Hi My Name Is Bert Kramer And I Am The Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About The Financial Aid Eligibility In Order To Qualify For The Federal Pell Grant Now The Pell Grant Is Based On Need And The Way The Government Determines What Your Financial Aid Need Is Is By You Completing The Free Application For Federal Student Aid You Can Find This At WWF A Fiesta Ed Gov You Will Need Your Prior Year’s Tax Form In Order To Complete This Now Using This Information Provided On Your FAFSA The Institute You Plan On Attending Will Be Able To Tell You What You Qualify For Impel And We Use The Results From Your FAFSA In Order To Determine What You Qualify For What Else Will Determine This Is How Many Credits You Are Taking Each Semester And Also What Grade Level You Are Currently In If You Have Additional Questions Regarding Pell Grant You Can Visit Our Website At Www Rgg Edu

I Hate My Job – 5 Resume Tips to Find a New Job

Hey Ambitious Professionals! It’s Linda
Raynier Of Guiding You To A Career And Life You’ll Truly Enjoy. Now
If You Hate Your Job But You Can’t Afford To Leave Your Job Unless You Have
Another Job Offer In Hand Then This Is For You. In Today’s Video, I’m Going To
Teach You Five Key Tips On How To Find A New Job; Specifically Through Your Resume,
So That You Can Land A Better Job Offer Faster. So You Are Sick And Tired Of Your Job
Whether It’s Your Boss The Work That You’re Doing The Company Environments
Culture Whatever It Is You Really Want To Leave But The Problem Is You Can’t
Leave Unless You Have Another Job Offer In Hand Well Not To Worry I Have A Very
Simple Plan For You That You’re Going To Execute On And It’s Only Two Steps Step
One You’re Going To Create An Attractive Compelling Resume That’s Going To
Attract Employers And Increase Their Chances Of Hiring You And Offering You A
New Position And Then Step Two Is You’re Going To Leave Easier Said Than Done
Right I Know I Made It Sound A Lot Easier Than It Probably …