Financial Aid : About Financial Aid for Married People

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer I’m A Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today I’m Going To Talk To You About Financial Aid For Married People Pretty Much When You’re Married It’s Kind Of The Same Thing When You Apply For Financial Aid You’re Going To Go To First Complete Your Free Application For Federal Student Aid And Go To The Website Wwf/e Saed Gov And You’re Going To Complete The Application Now During The Application You Will Need Copies Of You And Your Spouse’s Most Recent Tax Returns From The Prior Year And Also Just Some General Information About Both Of You Once You Complete This Your Financial Aid Officer Should Be Able To Tell You What Awards You Qualify For In Financial Aid As Well As Just Federal Lit A Duke An Also Go To Different Websites To See What Scholarships Are Available For Married People As Well As Visit Your University To See If They Offer Scholarships Specifically For Married Couples If You Have Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Website At

Foundation Year Program – An Introduction

Hi. My Name Is Daniel Brandes I’m The
Director Of The Foundation Year Programme Here At The University Of King’s College.
The Foundation Year Programme Is The Oldest And Most Distinguished Programme Of Its
Kind In Canada. It Is An Interdisciplinary Core Text Or ‘great
Books’-style Programme That Brings Together Great Works From Across The Traditional
Disciplines And Moves Forward In Time From The Ancient World All The Way Up To
And Including The 21st Century. What Do I Mean When I Say Interdisciplinary? In The
First Place I Mean We Don’t Read Any Text Books. Our Students Read Only The
Works Themselves That Are Responsible For Generating The Concepts That Have
Formed Our Tradition. But Not Only That I Mean That We Go Out Of Our Way To Ignore
Or Dismiss Traditional Disciplinary Boundaries Which Artificially Separate
Works Of Literature From Works Of Philosophy, The Sciences, Economics,
History, The Arts… So We, In An Ever- In An Average FYP Week, Students Will Read On
Monday Work Of Literature, On Wednesday Work Of Philosophy, On Thursday A Work From
The Natural Sciences, And On Friday A Play. That’s Not Uncommon In The Foundation Year Programme And We Move Forward Chronologically …

Scholarships & Financial Aid : About Free Scholarship Money for Preschool

Hi My Name Is Bert Kramer And I Am The Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About What Are Free Scholarships For Preschool And There Are A Number Of Different Types Of Scholarships Available To Preschool And One Type Is First Religious Based Scholarships And You Can Apply For These By Going To Your Religious Affiliation And Seeing If They Even Offer A Preschool Scholarship For These Religious Based Scholarships Normally Your Child Will Also Have To Attend A Religious Based Preschool So You’ll Have To Of Course Make Sure That This Is Where You Would Want To Send Your Child If You’re Not Looking For A Religious-based Preschool Scholarship You Can Also Go To The National Head Start Program And See If You Qualify Through The Government For This Preschool Scholarship It Is Based On A Couple Of Criteria Criteria Mostly Income And Possibly Geography If You Have Additional Questions Regarding Pell Grant You Can Visit Our Website At Www Rgg Edu

8 Habits of Highly Successful Students

We Have Talked A Lot On This Channel About How To Do Well Academically. How To Study Effectively, How To Ace Your Tests And How To Crush Those
Homework Assignments Even When You Have Barely
Any Time To Do Them. But Of Course, Successful Students Don’t
Just Do Well Academically, They Do Well All Around. So, That Begs The Question, What Separates Truly Successful Students, Who Have It All Together In All Areas Of Their Lives, From Everyone Else? Well That’s What I Wanna
Talk About In This Video And Today We’re Gonna Cover Eight Habits Of Successful Students And Yes, This Is Definitely A Riff Off Of Stephen Covey’s Excellent Book, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Which I Have Read And Loved. But These Eight Habits Are Unique. These Come From My Own Observations Of People That I Know Who Are Successful And Things I’ve Tried To
Cultivate In My Own Life And I Think Every Single One Of Them Is Gonna Help You In
The Upcoming Semester. So Lets Dive Right In. (upbeat Music) To Start Things Off, Successful Students Are Forward Thinkers. J.R. Tolken Wrote In, The Hobbit That, “It Does Not Do To Leave …

9 Biggest Law School Application Resume Mistakes

Hi Everyone, You’re Watching The Spivey
Consulting Group Law School Admissions YouTube Channel, And I’m Danielle Early.
I’m From The Spivey Consulting Group, And I Am A Former Admissions Officer At
Harvard Law School, And I’m Here To Talk About The Biggest Mistakes You Can Make
On Your Law School Application Resume. So Why Do Schools Ask For A Resume? Well,
They Want To Understand What You’ve Been Doing, What Your Qualifications Are, What
Your Skills Are, And What Your Experiences Are. They Do Ask For Similar
Information On Their Applications – Some Schools Do, Not Everybody – But This Is
Your Place To Put It Together In A Way That Tells Your Story. Mistake Number One
Is Not Putting Enough Time Into Your Resume. Take The Time To Put Everything
Down On Paper And Then Step Away From It. Come Back To It, See If You’ve Made Any
Grammatical Mistakes, If You Forgot To Put Anything In – You Want To Make Sure
That It’s As Good As It Possibly Can Be When You’re Submitting It, So Don’t Leave
It To The Last Thing That You’re Working On.
Number Two Is Thinking That The Length Actually Matters. You Don’t …

Educational Grants & Financial Aid : Getting Pell Grant Refunds

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer I Am The Financial Aid Officer With Our Casino Versity In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About Getting Pell Grant Refunds Now Refunds Is A Pretty Loose Term But Pretty Much In Order To Get A Refund For Pell Grant You Need To Have Pretty Much Less Than Tuition And Fees Than What Your Pell Grant Covers So The Way You Receive A Refund Is First Your Pell Grant Will Come First Automatically To The School That You Are Attending They Will Then Deduct Your Tuition And Fees And Any Other Applicable Charges From Your Pell Grant Disbursement If At That Time You Have A Leftover Amount The School Will Then Issue You What’s Called A Stipend And They Can Issue This In A Variety Of Ways They Can Issue It Through Electronic Fund Transfers Or Also Known As Direct Deposit They Can Issue You A Check Or They Can Issue You A Debit Card And This Again Depends On What Type Of School You’re Going To And What Their Policies Are If You Have Additional Questions Regarding Pell Grant You Can Visit Our Website At

Securing an internship

The Internship Opportunities There Isn’t Really One Central Location From What I Know I Mean There’s A Thing Called United Nations Volunteers Which Is A Possibility But I Think My Strategy For My Suggestion To You For Internships Would Be That If You Want An Internship In A Particular Agency You Should Be Suggesting It In That Sense And That’s I Think This Is Principally Should Have For Anything Just Like It Suggests A Research Project You Should Should Suggest An Internship You Should Be Finding Out What The Organization’s Doing Finding Out How Your Research Fits To It And Say I Would Be Interested In Pursuing An Internship With You This Is What I Have To Offer It Seems To Fit Into Your Particular Program Area And Then You Would Probably Want Also Want To Target That To The Relevant Program Office Or Two Because If You Just Look For General Internships And Send In A General Application It Doesn’t Really Work I’ve Already Found I See Those Because We Get A Lot Of Internship Applications And Nothing Happens The Ones That Work Are The Ones Where Someone Has Approached Me Or A Colleague Has Said I Want To …

What Is The Fulbright Program?

NARRATOR: The Year Was 1925,
After Graduating From College, James William Fulbright
Left His Home In Arkansas To Embark On A Journey
Across The Atlantic. He Studied At Oxford University,
Traveled Throughout Europe, And Learned About The Lives
And Concerns Of The People He Met Along The Way. But The Results Of This
Transformational Overseas Experience Would Not Fully
Emerge For Another 20 Years. After Fulbright Returned
To The United States, He Attended Law School, Served
As A University President, And Began A Career
In Public Service. In 1945, As The Junior
Senator From Arkansas, He Introduced
Legislation To Use Funds From Surplus War Materials For
A New International Educational Exchange Program. In 1946, President Harry
Truman Signed Legislation To Establish The Fulbright
Program, An International Scholarship With
An Ambitious Goal– To Increase Mutual
Understanding And Support Friendly And Peaceful
Relations Between The People Of The United States And The
People Of Other Countries. Today, Through An Annual
Appropriation From The U.S. Congress, The U.S.
Department Of State Sponsors Fulbright
Program Exchanges With More Than 155
Countries Around The World. The State Department
Manages The Overall Program, Sets Priorities,
Allocates Resources, And Funds The
Fulbright Program’s Day-to-day Administration By
Non-governmental Organizations, Such As …

Student Financial Aid : What Questions to Ask Financial Aid Professionals

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I’m A Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About Questions To Ask Your Financial Aid Professional The First Question Of Course Would Be How Do I Start The Process Of Applying For Financial Aid That’s A Very Big Question Because Usually There’s A Lot Of Steps Involved And Usually They’re Different From School To School So You’re Gonna Definitely Want To Know What You Need To Do Specifically For The University You’re Going To Be Attending Another Question To Be Is What Are Going To Be My Cost For Each Semester Once You Graduate And Also For The Total Cost Of The Program You Definitely Want To Be As Knowledgeable As You Can Before You Start A Program So You’re Not Surprised At Any Cost That May Accrue While You’re In School It’s Also Good To Know What Your Repayments Are Going To Be Once You Graduate So You Can Make The Appropriate Measures To Make Sure You Have Enough To Pay For Your Student Loans Once You Graduate Another Great Question To Ask Your Officer Is What Types Of Free Aid Are …

Yale Law School’s 250-Word Essay: What It Is & How to Write It

Hello, And Welcome To The Spivey Consulting
Group YouTube Channel. We’re Here To Give You Advice On All Sorts Of Topics Related
To Law School Admissions. My Name Is Nick Everdell, I’m A Senior Consultant With
Spivey, And I Was Formerly The Director Of Enrollment At Yale Law School And The
Associate Director Of Admissions At Columbia Law School. Today I’m Here To
Talk To You About The Yale 250. It Really Is One Of Those Interesting Essays
Because Nobody Really Knows What They’re Supposed To Write About And Yale Doesn’t
Provide Much Guidance On That, And I Think That’s On Purpose. You Know They
Really Want To Give You An Opportunity To Write Whatever You Want And Whatever
Comes To Your Mind. That Being Said, Having Seen Probably
Thousands Of 250-word Essays Over The Years, I Do Have Some Advice Or How To Do
It Well. The Thing That I Tell Most Of My Clients And Applicants When I Was At
Yale Is To Keep In Mind That It Really Should Be The Best Piece Of Writing
You’ve Ever Produced. Now I Know That’s Intimidating, But It Is Yale, And One Of
The Things That Struck Me Having Worked At …