Financial Aid : How to Pay for Nursing School

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I’m A Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today I’m Going To Let You Know How To Find Money For Nursing School The First Thing You’re Going To Want To Do Is Check Out What Financial Aid Options Are Available To You Either Federal Locally Or Through Your Workplace In Order To Get Federal Aid You’re Going To First Need To Apply For The Free Application For Federal Student Aid Which You Can Find At WWF Saed Gov Once The School Has Received Your Results They Can Let You Know What You Qualify For In Student Loans And This Can Also Include Grants That You Might Qualify For As Well Another Suggestion Is To Do A Search For Nurse Specific Scholarships And You Can Do This Just By Doing A Basic Search On The Internet For Nursing Scholarship Availabilities As Well As Meeting With Your Local University Financial Aid Advisor Who Can Let You Know What Other Scholarships May Be Available Through Their School If You Have Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Website At

Standardized Testing : How to Score a PSAT

Let’s Take A Look At How To Score A PSAT.
Let’s Say You’ve Taken A Practice PSAT Test, Which You Can Get, By The Way, From Your Guidance
Office Or From College Counseling, They Have Practice Tests. So Let’s Say You’ve Taken
A Practice PSAT And You Want To Score It. So You’re Going To Go To The Answer Page,
Of Course, Where They Give You The Answers, And You’re Going To Check Over Your Section.
So The PSAT Has Five Sections. It’s Always Going To Have A Reading, A Math, A Reading,
A Math, And A Writing. Those Are The Five Sections Of The PSAT. So You’re Going To Score
It, You’re Going To Find Out How Many You Got Correct, How Many You Got Wrong, And How
Many You Omitted, How Many You Skipped. Now How Many You Skipped Doesn’t Matter In Our
Addition Process Here, But It’s Not A Bad Idea To Make That Column, Just Because These
Three Numbers Should Add Up To How Many Questions There Were, Just To Make Sure That You Got
It Right, You Didn’t Make A Careless Error. So, For The Reading Sections, For The Two
Reading Sections, So Let’s Do “…

Scholarships & Financial Aid : About Academic Scholarships

Hi My Name Is Bert Kramer And I Am The Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About What Our Academic Scholarships What An Academic Scholarship Is Is A Scholarship Based On Your Academic Record Which Means Judges Reviewing The Scholarship Are Going To Be Looking For A High GPA And Possibly As Well As A Service That You Did While You Were In School But Normally Academic Scholarships Are Completely Set On Your GPA These Academic Scholarships Are Available For A Variety Of Students Including Undergraduates Graduate And Doctoral Students If You Do If You Are Awarded For An Academic Scholarship You Are Normally Required To Maintain A Certain Grade Point Average Points To Start Attending College So You Want To Make Sure That You Definitely Maintain That GPA Once You Receive The Scholarship Because You Might Lose It If You Otherwise Drop Below A Certain Grade Point Average If You Have Additional Questions Regarding Pell Grant You Can Visit Our Website At Www Rgg Edu

Scholarships & Financial Aid : How to Get a Football Scholarship

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I Am The Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About How To Get A Football Scholarship And The Very First Thing You’re Going To Want To Do Is Actually Start Working Towards A Scholarship In Your Say Freshman Or Sophomore Year Of High School This Is Because You Need To First Work On Your Skills As A Football Player As Well As Start Working On Your Grades And Eat Also Participation In Your Community When You Apply For A Scholarship They Not Only Look At Your Skills As A Football Player But They’re Also Looking At Your Grade Point Average At Your High School As Well As What Really Differentiates You From Maybe Another Football Player And That’s Where The Community Service Or Leadership Abilities You Attained While In High School To Get You Through That You’re Also Going To Want To Contact The School That You Plan On Attending To Make Sure They Even Offer A Football Scholarship And If They Do See If You Can Contact The Coach And Start A Relationship With Him So Maybe You’re More Likely To Receive …

How to Study Abroad

[Music] How To Study Abroad In The Past Decade International Study Has More Than Doubled In Popularity Sure You Can Go To London Or Paris But What About Places Like Africa Or The Yucatan The World Is At Your Fingertips You Will Need Flexibility A Desire To Learn A Decent GPA A School That Accepts Study Abroad Credits And A Sense Of Adventure Step 1 Conquer Your Fears And Doubts Don’t Speak The Native Tongue Plenty Of Programs Don’t Require A Foreign Language Worried About Costs Some Overseas Courses Cost Less Than Your Home Tuition Many Schools Employ Full-time Study Abroad Counselors Who Will Help You Arrange Your Trip Step 2 Consider Your Reasons For Studying Abroad And Be Honest Whether It’s To Study Foreign Art Or Just Chill Somewhere Close To The Equator Your Reasons Should Determine Where You Go And What You Study Step 3 Examine Your Academic Plan Take Your Career Goals Total Course Units And Major Progress Into Account For Example Will Going Overseas Delay Your Graduation Will The Credits You Get Count Towards Your Major Step 4 Choose A Program The Campus Study Abroad Office Or International Programs Office Can Provide Information About What Is Available Go With A …

How To Get A Scholarship – Great College Advice

Working With Mark And The People From
Great College Advice Really Paid For Itself. So Because Of Mark I Got A 28
Thousand Dollar Scholarship To The School Of My Choice We’re Investing So
Much In Four Years Of College It Just Seems Crazy Not To Invest A Little Bit
To Make Sure We Have The Right Kid At The Right School It Makes Sense To
Invest To Make Sure The Education We Get For That Individual Kid Is The Right One. Really A Financial No-brainer For Us If There Are Scholarships Available Mark
Will Find Them And Then What Was Really Important For Claire Is Mark Will Teach
You How To Write The Applications And Teach You How To To Get The Most Value. Mark And Great College Advice
Was Worth Every Penny We Spent.

Successful Research Proposal Writing Tips for PhD Application | Essay Tips

Hello And Welcome Back To My Channel
Where I Talk A Little Bit About Theatre, A Little Bit About Being A PhD Student
And A Little Bit About Those Two Things Smushed Together. So Today, In
Response To A Number Of Requests Down In The Comments Of A Few Of My Other Videos,
I Wanted To Talk A Little Bit About Research Proposals. Whether You’re Applying To Do A PhD
Or Potentially Partway Through A Master’s Project Or Looking At A
Research Project Slightly Further Ahead Than That, A Research Proposal Is
Something That You’re Likely Going To Have To Write Somewhere Along The Way.
Essentially, What It Is Is A Document That Sets Out What You’re Trying To
Achieve With A Particular Piece Of Research That You’re Suggesting That
You Want To Do. Now, This Is Something I’ve Only Done A Couple Of Times Myself
So This Is In No Way A Video Where I’m Professing To Be An Absolute
Expert In This Subject. But, I Wanted To Let You In On My Process For
Writing My PhD Proposal In Case You’re Thinking Of Applying To A PhD Program
Or Potentially Are Part Way Through A Master’s Project And …

College Expert on Lewis & Clark College: An International Liberal Arts Curriculum

Lewis & Clark College Is A Liberal Arts
College. It Is Not Only A Liberal Arts Focused University That That Really Is
An Undergraduate School That Does Have A Law School There Is A Graduate School
But The Primary Focus Of This Institution Is On Undergraduate
Education. When I’m Talking To Students And We’re Thinking About Curriculum In
General And How To Decide What Kind Of Institution You Want To Go To I Actually
Push Students To Think About The Curriculum Requirements. So Here At Lewis & Clark For Example They Do Have A General
Education Requirement. The First Thing Is During The Freshman Year Students Take
Two Semesters Of A Sequence To Help Students Adapt To A College Environment.
This Kind Of University Education. So The First Semester Is A
Class That Everyone Takes And Everyone Reads More Or Less The Same Books Those
Books May Change From Year To Year And That Is Really An Introduction To
University Academic And The University Academic Requirements, Helping Students
Get Their Writing Up To Speed And Students Are You Know They Have A
Professor Only 19 Cans Or Fewer In Each Class And The Professor Can Really See
Whether The Student Is Ready For …

How to Find a US Cosigner

Thanks So Much For Joining Us Again In Our Series Of Finding Financial Aid For You Today We’re Going To Talk About The U.s. Cosigner And Why That’s Important For International Students Name Is Jennifer Frankel And I Work At International Student Loan And Today We’re Gonna Dive Into That Topic And Look Into What Exactly You Have To Consider When It Comes To Your U.s. Cosigner So You’ll Notice That First Thing You Want To Know Is What Is A Cosigner A Cosigner Is Someone Who Joins Your International Student Loan Application So They’re Basically Saying Hey You’re Gonna Be Applying For Your Student Loan But In Case You Can’t Actually Complete The Terms And Make All The Payments I’ll Go Ahead And Join Your Application And Take Responsibility For Those Different Loan Payments So When It Comes To Applying For Your Student Loan You’re Gonna Have To Start The Process A Little Bit Early To Make Sure You Have That Cosigner In Place So The First Thing You’ll Want To Do Is Remember When You’re Ready To Apply To Take A Step Back And Think About These Different Steps And We’ve Made It Very Easy For …