How to Pack for College

How To Pack For College People Talk About Packing For College As Though It Were A Major Life Event Like Getting Married It’s Not Here Are Some Tips On How To Put Objects In Boxes You Will Need Possessions And Boxes To Put Them In Step 1 Find Out What Items You’re Not Allowed To Bring Your College Probably Lists These Restrictions Online Step 2 Contact Your Future Roommate To Discuss What Each Of You Is Bringing Some Objects You Only Need One Up Step 3 Start With The Basics Bedding Of The Proper Size A Towel Toiletries Don’t Go Overboard You Will Be Capable Of Purchasing Objects Once You Leave Home Dorm Rooms Often Have Unusual Bed Sizes Like Twin Extra Long Don’t Buy Sheets Until You Know What Will Fit Step 4 Don’t Pack Every Bit Of Clothing You Own You’ll Probably Go Home For Fall Or Winter Break So You Can Pick Up What You Need Then Going To College Is A Unique Opportunity To Change Your Identity Pack Accordingly Sometimes It’s Better To Be Without An Object Than To Have Something That’s Embarrassing Step 5 Consult The Packing List To Remind Yourself What Else To Bring Your School Probably Sent You …

How to Write a Killer Scholarship Essay in 8 Steps

Writing A Killer Scholarship Essay In 8 Steps
Thank You So Much For Attending Our Webinar Today About How To Write A Killer Scholarship
Essay In 8 Steps. My Name Is Bryanna Davis And I’m A Marketing Coordinator At International
Student Loan And We’re Going To Go Ahead And Dive Right In.
OK, So For Those Of You Who Missed Our First Webinar On How To Get An International Student
Scholarship, We Are Going To Go Ahead And Review What Exactly A Scholarship Is. Essentially
A Scholarship Is Free Money And Typically They Are For Your International Education.
Now Just Because They Are Free Doesn’t Make Them Easy To Get. So There Is A Bit Of Work
Involved With Scholarships First Locating A Scholarship And Secondly, Applying.
One Of The Hardest Parts Of Applying For A Scholarship Is Going To Be The Essay Portion.
This Is Where Many Students Have A Problem With And The Reason We Have An Entire Webinar
Devoted To
Writing Killer Essays. Step 1: Understand The Question Or Topic Of
The Essay It’s Important To Read Over The Question
Many Times. If You Can’t Understand Exactly What The Essay Is Asking Then You’re …