Studying for a degree online: Open University

Bill Harris, I’m The OU Liaison Person On
The Island. I’m Actually An OU Graduate Going A Long Way Back Before Quite A Number Of You
Were Born In Fact. I’ll Press On With The Slides, There’s Not Supposed To Be Death By
PowerPoint, But I Always Find It A Very Useful Aid. Just To Introduce The OU. Right, What Is The
Open University? A Lot Of You Will Know The OU Because Every Now And Then If You’re Watching
A BBC Program You Will See That It’s Been Produced In Collaboration With The OU. Lots
Of Things About Nature, Science, Astrophysics, All Sorts Of Things That The OU Is Involved
In. It Started Out In 1969, It Was The Brainchild Of Jennie Lee And She Persuaded Harold Wilson
That It Was The Right Thing To Do To Produce A University That Was Available To Everybody,
And By Everybody That Means Anybody Irrespective Of Previous Qualification Could Aspire To
Getting A Degree. The Demand Then Was Absolutely Enormous And It Was Meeting The Requirements
For A Lot Of People Who Had Been Frustrated Because They’d Not Had The Opportunities Of
The Middle To Upper Classes. So There Is A Huge Surge …