How to Write a Summary

How To Write A Summary A Summary Condenses The Author’s Main Purpose And Support So That Someone Else Gets The Information As It Was Intended Plus You Avoid Sounding As If You’re Making It Up You Will Need A Text A Pen And Paper Analytical Skills Organizational Skills And A Friend Optional Who What Why When Where And How Questions Step 1 Scan The Text And Make Notes On Paper Read Closely To Absorb The Author’s Tone And Central Ideas And Then Comb Back Through To Clarify Points Step 2 Outline The Main Idea Of Each Section In Your Own Words Include Only Meaningful Details And Proofs Organizing Them From Most To Least Important Step 3 Develop A Thesis Summarizing The Main Points Of The Piece Be Sure To Include The Author’s Name And The Title Of The Work Right Away Avoid Using Your Own Opinions Or Interpretations No Matter How Familiar The Subject May Be Step 4 Arrange The Information To Clearly Support The Author’s Points Adding Details To Each Section Improve The Flow Of Ideas With Transitions That Connect Sections Step 5 Be Sure That Sources Are Cited Properly Paraphrase And Don’t Use The Author’s Words If You Can Help It Make Sure …

Studying for a degree abroad: Student World

This Is The Talk About General Information
About Studying Abroad, Just Making Sure That You’re All At The Right Talk. ‘Where In The
World Do You Want To Study?’ Is Kind Of Our Motto And Where We’re Coming From And What
We’re Doing. The Student World Is Aiming To Be An Institution That Kind Of Like Your First
Stop To Go To If You Want To Find Out More About Studying Abroad. Is It Right For Me,
Or Not? What Are The Things To Keep In Mind, Where Can You Find Out More Information About
Specific Information? My Name Is Anna, I’ve Done It Myself, I Studied In Three Different
Countries, I Studied In Germany, The UK, And The US, So I Can Tell You A Bit More
About That, And I Do Hope That You Can All Gain Some Information About The Who, The Why, The Where,
And The How To Go About Studying Abroad With Me Today. This Is Really Loud, So Apologies
If You Can’t Hear Me In The Back. So Who Goes To Study Abroad. About 4.1 Million
Students Have Decided To Leave Their Home County And Go To Another Country To Get A
Degree. Whether …

Finding Study Abroad Loans

Thank You For Attending Our Hangout Today I’m Brianna Davis And I’m Here With International Student Loan And Today We’re Going To Be Talking About Study Abroad Loans Now Often If You’ve Watched Our Hangouts In The Past Usually We Do Talk Directly To International Students So Non-us Citizens Coming To The US But Today We’re Going To Mix That Up A Bit We’re Going To Talk Directly To US Citizens Who Are Going To Be Studying Abroad So More Than Likely You Are Enrolled In Your US School And Are Going To Be Spending A Semester Or A Year Abroad So We’re Gonna Be Talking Directly To You Now If You Are Not A Study Abroad Student That’s Fine Don’t Feel Like You Have To Go Anywhere You Can Still Send In Any Questions To Us Through The Chat Feature If You Are An International Student And We Will Go Ahead And Answer Those Questions For You In The End Also You Can Use The Hashtag Financial Aid Talk And This Also Applies To Those Too Actually Our Study Abroad Students So Send In Those Questions Go Ahead And Use The Hashtag Financial Aid Talk And We Will Get …


Hello Guys I’m In Stanford Today And This Video Is About Getting Into Stanford Now Stanford Is One Of The Most Competitive Universities To Get Into But Also I Think A Lot Of People Underestimate Themselves And Think Well Only Super Talented Super Extraordinary Students Would Get Into Stanford But Really All That You Need Is A Lot Of Preparation And Maybe A Little Bit Of Luck So There Are Several Programs In Stanford You Can Do Bachelors You Can Do Masters You Can Do PhD For Every Program You Need To Pass A Particular Exam So If You’re Getting Into Bachelors Programs You Would Need To Pass SAT If You’re Getting Into Masters Programs And PhD Programs You Would Need To Pass Either GMAT Or GRE GMAT Is For Subjects That Are Related To Economics Jerry Is For Everything Else And If Your International Students You Would Also Need To Pass TOEFL Or IELTS To Prove That Your Language Skills Are Good Enough But Exams Are Only A Tiny Part Of Your Application Because You Would Also Need To Submit Motivation Letters Which Play I Would Say Motivation Letters Are 30% Of Your Whole Application Because This Is The Only …

How to get a Scholarship

What We Do For Most Of Our Scholarships Is
We Take A Complete Picture Of The Students So We Look At Their Financial Situation.
We Look At The Results Of Their Academics, Whether Or Not They Are Involved In Their Community. It All Depends On The Scholarship Essentially. So, Depending On The Criteria Of The Scholarship, That’s How We Judge. So Long As You Fit Those Criteria Then We Look At Everything Involved In It. Music The Best Thing To Do To Increase Your Chances
Of Getting A Scholarship Is To Essentially Apply For Everything Available To You. Sometimes
Students Think They Won’t Get It, And Often It’s The Case That We’ll Have Scholarships
That We Don’t Get Any Applications For. So My Advice For Students To Increase Your Odds Of Getting Scholarships Is To Apply For Everything, And Not Just Apply For The Awards That George Brown College Offers, But To Look At The External College Awards Too. Such As And The Really Reputable Websites And Search Engines
That Locates Scholarships Across The Country. Especially If A Scholarship Is Looking For
References, And They Are Looking For Two References And You …

IELTS Writing band 9 | Top 13 tips

Hey! I’m Happy To Be Back Again, This Time
With Last Video In The Set Of “Top 13 Tips” About Different Modules Of IELTS;
And Today We Will Be Talking About The Writing Module. But Before We Dive In, I’d Like To
Introduce You To My New Twitter Account, Which I Will Be Frequently Using For
Various Announcements And Currently I Am Working On A Huge Project, Which Will Be
Free For You Guys, And Which Will Be In Real Time, And Obviously Dedicated To
IELTS. But Before Announcing It, I’m Waiting For
More People To Subscribe, Because I Want To Announce It Efficiently, And Because I
Want More People To Know About It. So, Just Go And Check It Out. And Lastly, I
Have Linked In The Description Box Down Below, As Always, All The Books That I Used.
Which Are Completely Free For Download, And I Guess, They Will Be Useful For You
In The Preparation For The Writing Section. Okay, So The First Tip Is To Analyze And
Actually Take Some Time To Think And To Take Notes About What You Will Be
Writing. You Know, The Cost Of Rushing Forward And Thinking That You Must Start
Writing …

Need Based Financial Aid and College Admission

I’m Here On The Campus Of Dickinson
College In Carlisle Pennsylvania And In A Earlier Video I Talked A Lot About
Merit-based Aid At Dickinson And Similar Places. I Want To Take A Minute To Talk
About Need-based Financial Aid And How That Might Work At A Place Like
Dickinson. As I Said Earlier If You Want Merit-based Aid You Have To Be In The
Top Ten Or To Be Precise Top 13 Percent Of Its Applicant Pool – To Pull Down
Some Some Merit-based Aid. But If You’re Looking For Need-based Aid If You Come
From A Background That Is Going To Bring Some Diversity To – Dickinson It’s Very
Possible That You Could Pull Down A Very Generous Financial Aid Package. To Look At
Some Of The Statistics Here At Dickinson It’s A Pretty Homogenous Place. Only 3%
Of Students Here Are African American And You Know 10 To 12 Percent Of America
Is African American Hispanics Only 6% And Even Asian Americans Are
Underrepresented Here 4 Percent Of The American Population Is Asian American
Only 3% Of The Dickinson Population Is Asian American. So Diversity Is A Is I Am
Guessing A Very Important Goal Here At Dickinson. And If You Have A Very …

Funding and scholarships: top tips

You’re Thinking Of Applying To A Graduate Course At Oxford? You’ve Sorted Your Funding…right? No? OK, Well Let’s Give You Some Top Tips First Of All, Applying Can Actually Be Pretty Simple You Usually Don’t Need More Than A Standard Course Application So Apply And Let Your Grades Do The Talking Most Scholarships Are Usually Open Only To New Graduate Students So It Really Is A Good Idea To Think About Funding As Soon As You Decide To Apply To Oxford Like, As Soon As You’ve Finished Watching This Video Don’t Check Your Facebook, Don’t Update Your Status Don’t Put The Kettle On First Put It On After Apply By The January Deadlines Yep, That’s It, Right At The Start There Use The Fees, Funding And Scholarship Search It’ll Help You To Find Out If You Qualify For Funding That Requires An Extra Application It’s An Online Search Tool Like Google, Except Instead Of Helping You Look For Cat Videos… [lion Roaring] …there’s Loads Of Stuff You Might ACTUALLY Need Most Scholarships Provide Full Funding Which Will Cover Your Course Fees, College Fees And A Stipend For Living Costs Every Year They Give Out 1,000 Fully Funded Scholarships For New …

Federal Financial Aid : How to Create a Scholarship

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I Am The Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About How To Create A Scholarship And Pretty Much If You Would Like To Create A Scholarship There’s Multiple Ways You Can Do This You Can First Approach A University To Actually Create The Scholarship With You You Can Do It On Your Own Which Can Be Very Time Consuming You Can Also Try Nonprofit Organizations As Well Now When You’re Thinking About Creating A Scholarship There’s A Couple Of Things You Need To Determine First Is How Long Do You Want The Scholarship To Be Running Do You Want It To Be A One Year Scholarship Do You Want To Keep Adding To It Every Year Also What Types Of Criteria Do You Want To Set Forth Do You Want It To Be GPA Do You Want To Be Based On What Major A Student Is Pursuing As Well As That You Will Definitely Want To Consider Whether The Student Needs To Turn In An Essay Or If You Even Want To Be Part Of The Process Of Determining Who Qualifies For The …

Scholarships & Financial Aid : How to Get a Free Scholarship to Study Computer Engineering in Europe

Hi My Name Is Brooke Framer And I’m The Financial Aid Officer With Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About How To Apply For Scholarships And Computer Engineering For Europe And The First Thing You’re Going To Want To Do Is Find Out What Your Options Are You’re Going To Want To Really Take A Look Around At What Scholarships Are Available To You And You Can Do That Either By Visiting Or Contacting The University Plan On Attending In Europe Or Just Doing General Searches On The Web For International Students Next You’re Going To Want To Choose A Location Really If You Don’t Have A Good Idea Where You Want To Go In Europe Just Pick A Place That You Know You Personally Like That Way You Can Start Narrowing Down Which University Or College You Want To Attend In Europe Next You’re Going To Want To Know The Requirements A Lot Of Scholarships Have Requirements Which Can Be Either GPA Based It Might Be Depending On What Program You’re Choosing So Really Know If You Are Eligible For A Scholarship If You Have Any Other Questions Regarding This Please Visit Our …