College Tips – Scholarship Applications

Every year students throw away thousands of dollars simply by not applying for scholarships. We don’t want you to be one of those students. People think that you have to be a 4.0 student or LeBron James type athlete to ever be considered for a scholarship.

That’s not the case. And with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges our application basically consists of three things. There is the personal information that we require of students, so your name, address, high school that you attended, GPA, all that stuff Stuff that you fill out job applications and college applications There’s an essay that we’re gonna have you write about who you are and what your goals are while you’re with us.

It’s a two paragraph essay. Again what are your goals with Eastern Iowa Community Colleges and why you do you feel you’re deserving of a scholarship? So that’s just knowing your unique strengths and abilities. Things that we’re going to want to consider when deciding who receives a scholarship.

We also want 2 references and we want that to be somebody outside of your friend and family circle. So your instructors, your guidance counselors, coaches, pastors, employers, somebody who is able to be in tune with those big picture academic and career goals they are setting for yourselves. And always keep in mind if you need help with writing a scholarship essay or filling out a scholarship application. Stop in on campus fill out you scholarship app and hopefully we’re going to be able to save you a little bit of money during the time woth Eastern Iowa Community Colleges.

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