Educational Grants & Financial Aid : Getting Pell Grant Refunds

Brooke Kramer talks about getting Pell grant refunds. In order to get a refund for Pell Grant you need to have pretty much less than tuition and fees than what your pell grant covers.

So, the way you receive a refund is first your Pell Grant will come first automatically to the school that you are attending they will then deduct your tuition and fees and any other applicable charges from your Pell Grant disbursement if at that time you have a leftover amount the school will then issue you what’s called a stipend.

They can issue this in a variety of ways they can issue it through electronic fund transfers or also known as direct deposit they can issue you a check or they can issue you a debit card and this, again, depends on what type of school you’re going to and what their policies are.

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