Funding and scholarships: top tips

You’re thinking of applying to a graduate course at Oxford? You’ve sorted your funding. Well, we give you some top tips.

First of all, applying can actually be pretty simple. You usually don’t need more than a standard course application. So apply and let your grades do the talking. Most scholarships are usually open only to new graduate students. So it really is a good idea to think about funding as soon as you decide to apply to Oxford.

Use the fees, funding and scholarship search. It’ll help you to find out if you qualify for funding that requires an extra application. It’s an online search tool like Google. There’s loads of stuff you might actually need. Most scholarships provide full funding which will cover your course fees, college fees and a stipend for living costs.

Every year they give out 1,000 fully funded scholarships for new graduates. You don’t need to research every college scholarship. The vast majority of them are open to eligible applicants regardless of whether you’ve said you prefer a specific college or not. They might all look different.

Don’t assume you’ll be able to earn your way through your studies. It’s a lot harder to write an essay from behind a bar than you might think. Look for funding from sources outside Oxford. There are many who want to give you a helping hand, from the Linnean Society of London to the Leathersellers’ Company. So hurry up and apply. Because what you can do with the funding is pretty incredible.

I really don’t think that I would have been able to choose Oxford without the support I’ve been given. When the funding came in, and it was full funding I just said, I’m following my academic dreams, I’m going to Oxford It’s a place where everyone tries to be the best that they can be and that’s a really good environment to be in. It seemed like an impossible dream was realised. Oxford has been an incredible journey. It’s a place and and a part of my life that I hold dear, very dear, to my heart.

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