Gap in Employment & Resume Gaps (How to Explain Them)

Linda Raynier from is guiding you to a career and life you’ll truly enjoy. She’s going to teach you two key strategies on how to handle explaining gaps of unemployment on your resume.

There are many reasons why some of us may have gaps on our resume you might have taken time off to be a stay-at-home mom or dad you might have taken time off to study to travel or you may just have a gap simply because you’ve been looking for a job that whole time but you still haven’t been successful. The way to handle your gaps is dependent on when they occurred.

She gives you specific guidance and two key strategies depending on the situation there are two situations on when you have gaps in your resume situation number one you have gaps in the past but you’re currently employed. Let’s say that you are currently working right now and you’ve been in your role for at least a year or longer and you’re ready to find a new position but at the same time you have gaps in your past before you took on this role. That means that there isn’t much need for you to truly
explain those previous gaps because the emphasis for the employer when they read.

Your resume is to look at your most recent position so your strategy is going to be to emphasize in detail the duties tasks and responsibilities that you’ve been performing in this most recent position and the achievements; that you’ve been able to accomplish. Because that is actually what the employer is going to be paying attention to employers tend to focus on the most recent roles that you’ve held. If you can explain your most current position in a really detailed and compelling attractive way, then the previous gaps might may not actually be minded as much.

That’s not to say that they’re not going to ask you about those previous gaps in the interview but you want to leave it to the interview to be able to explain and not try to explain it on your resume. The reason for this is because resumes where people have explained in detail, why they left every single position and what they were doing in between and truthfully that just clutters up the resume you want to leave that for the interview you want to have your story outlined in the interview and explain it.

Then, situation number two, you have a current gap right now as we speak and it’s actually been longer than year so then if that’s your situation the big question to ask yourself here is have you been doing any work have you been helping anybody out organizations.

People as a consultant helping with ad-hoc projects with tasks that you can say are relevant to the role that you want to apply to. If yes, then it’s important to include it because it’s important to show that you’ve done something rather than nothing. If you’ve been doing some higher education, getting an extra diploma or doing your MBA, you definitely want to include that as well. If that’s where you’ve been spending your time studying and just a one-liner is enough to explain that or if you’ve been volunteering and you’ve been performing some work-related tasks in your volunteer work then include that as well.

Again, it’s better to put something rather than nothing. Now, if you’ve truly been up to nothing this whole time for this past year and a bit for whatever reason. Simply go to the most recent position that you have held and emphasize that as much as possible. ‘Emphasize’ means including five to eight solid bullet points of tasks responsibilities and key duties that you’ve been performing in your most recent roles and lining them up to the position that you want to apply to you as much as possible and don’t forget to also include your achievements.

It’s not worth it to really put something that’s personal on your resume. Just focus on your most recent opportunities the ones that you’ve recently held and focus in and hone in on the key tasks and responsibilities there. From there, you’re gonna have to really work on your job search networking strategy to make sure that the employers or the recruiters or the my majors that you get in touch with fully, understand your situation and are willing and ready to read your resume review. Hopefully,  your resume and  get you in for an interview so there you have it my two key strategies on how to deal with unemployment gaps on your resume now of course this is only scratching the surface.

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