How to get a Scholarship

What we do for most of our scholarships is we take a complete picture of the students so we look at their financial situation. We look at the results of their academics, whether or not they are involved in their community. It all depends on the scholarship essentially. So, depending on the criteria of the scholarship, that’s how we judge. So long as you fit those criteria then we look at everything involved in it.

Music The best thing to do to increase your chances of getting a scholarship is to essentially apply for everything available to you. Sometimes students think they won’t get it, and often it’s the case that we’ll have scholarships that we don’t get any applications for. So my advice for students to increase your odds of getting scholarships is to apply for everything, and not just apply for the awards that George Brown College offers, but to look at the external college awards too. Such as and The really reputable websites and search engines that locates scholarships across the country. Especially if a scholarship is looking for references, and they are looking for two references and you only provide one reference, you may not be considered for that scholarship.

If the scholarship is asking for references, and asking for a budget, make sure those things are done, because otherwise you won’t be considered. The most important part is really just completing the whole application. So If there are supplemental documents, you make sure those are included. The best thing to do is to tell a compelling story about yourself.

Present yourself in a way that’s going to be compelling to people who are reading it and don’t be afraid to sell yourself. My advice is to apply early and apply for everything that’s available to you. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. This is your opportunity, and if you can get $500 for an hour’s work, that’s one of the best hourly wages you’re ever going to get in your life. So take some time, take some thought, and imagine you’re reviewing them before you write your statement. Imagine what it’s like to review your statement. So read over your statement and say, “What kind of impression that would make on me?”

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