How to Get an Athletic Scholarship

To get an athletic scholarship approximately 2,000 colleges award athletic scholarships each year is what you can do. To get one of them, you will need athletic skill, decent grades, an updated resume, a video highlighting your athletic skills and a take-charge attitude.

Step 1 – Improve your grades as much as possible you can’t play for a college if you can’t meet its academic requirements.

Step 2 – Include your junior varsity and varsity experience extracurricular activities your grades the major you plan to choose in college and any awards you’ve received.

Step 3 – Make a list of your dream schools and note the appropriate coach and his or her contact information.

Step 4 – Compose a master letter stating your interest in playing college athletics include your high school coaches contact information.

Step 5 – If you don’t have one already record and edit together a video showing you in action, make copies to send out and post it on a free video sharing site to make sure it’s widely available. If you have any press clippings about your athletic achievements be sure to include copies of them with your letters.

Step 6 – Personalize each letter with a line or two about what you admire about that particular university and/or their athletic program. Send each coach on your list a package containing the letter video resume and any press clippings via registered mail. If money is no object you can find companies online that will circulate your athletic resume for you and create a professional quality video of your skills such services. They usually cost $1000 an hour.

Step 7 – Attend as many showcase tournaments as you can that is of special events where college coaches and scouts get to see prospective scholarship students play. Gifted athletes who are able should consider transferring to a school that is known for its – even if it means a long commute or a family mood recruiters are more likely to attend games featuring a star team.

Step 8 – Be persistent. If you don’t hear back from any of the coaches, send them a follow-up in the meantime decide on a second tier of schools you’re willing to consider and start the process again.

Did you know approximately 1 billion dollars in athletic scholarships is awarded each year to more than 126 thousand students?

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