How to Pass University Admission Interview – Part 1

Today we will be talking about admission interviews to universities and before we dive in I would like to start with a little story of mine. You know when I was applying for my master’s degree in the business school I had not only to pass IELTS GMAT and finance and management internal tests, but also to pass an admission interview. And that score for the interview was a part of the general score for the whole admission process so it was something quite important and I tried to prepare myself but to be honest I didn’t really do anything specific but right now I thought of all the questions that I was asked when I had my interview and decided to help you to prepare for your dream-university admission process! So let’s begin!

Well the first question is quite obvious it’s usually “Tell us about yourself” question and here you must understand this is a perfect opportunity to tell people in front of you, representatives of your dream university, something interesting and valuable about yourself. So think of some extracurricular activities for example, in your previous university that you liked particularly or think of your previous background.

Some people change their masters major. You might also tell something about your bachelor’s major, so make sure to bring some valuable information about you on the table, but this is not a great opportunity to start talking about your family, your pets, your friends, your recent iPhone purchase, or a trip to Oklahoma, because you know, this is not something that the examiners would be interested in. However be sure you’re staying concise, you’re keeping your speech short and still quite interesting for people, for your counterparts, to get to – you know – asking something further about you, because at this point you are here to make them interested in you.

Then goes another obvious question: “Why did you apply for this university?” Well here you must talk about your previous background which is scientific this time, and talk about your bachelor thesis, for example if you had one. Talk about your recent researches, talk about something that makes you passionate in your major and why did you choose that major. And maybe try to name a couple of professors in the new university with whom you are likely to work with, or you want to work with – and this point is so crucial because, believe me, examiners will be so happy that you already know whom you want to work with, whom you want to do your next research with. Like this describes you as a particularly aimed person for your future, you have goals, man, this is cool! And of course this also shows that you’re highly motivated for the position and for the university.

We will continue this article on How to Pass University Admission Interview – Part 2

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