How to Pass University Admission Interview – Part 2

Ok. Let’s continue our article about How to Pass University Admission Interview from part 1

Next goes: “What is your motivation to study this subject?” And here you must make your examiners understand that you have clear goals for your future findings, like where to implement those findings of your future research, and you know I have some classmates that are highly determined to make breakthroughs with their master thesis and this is amazing! Like well I also have something in mind with my master thesis, which I think will be very cool in the future like it’s on the verge of technology and finance, it’s FinTech and you know you should make your examiners understand that you do not apply just to have fun and drink with your classmates, that you are here to study, to make researches, and to make the university even better with your contribution. Next question is one of my favorite ones and it is “What are your biggest achievements or failures?” Here you must talk naturally about your previous remarkable experiences, but in a fashion that will not make you sound as a self-centered person or a loser. Do practice at home some short speeches about something that makes you proud, but don’t forget to mention people who helped you along the way as well, and something that was not very fortunate (and here don’t forget to showcase how you learned and what you learned through it).

Next, next, next! “Tell us about your leadership experience“. Answering this question, you must show that you’re not only the person who achieves any target and who is a strong leader, but who also sees an ally in any person in the team, like any member literally, who ensures that every standard is met along the way and that there is a healthy corporate culture in the team. Here you also can mention your previous leadership experiences, and I for example, had some of them if – you didn’t have any, which I don’t really believe, because how are you applying for the university, like you are 20-something and you must have had some leadership experiences – but if you didn’t have any, make something up. Because this is very important.

Next up: “What can you bring to the university, really?” And this one invites you to sell yourself and it can be tempting to exaggerate, but do not go over the top and always back yourself up with some examples. For instance you can mention when you have been involved in some school activity, which made you to contribute to the schools community, for example you organized an event or did something with a debating society, or something like that.

What not to say here is that you can bring to the school fun, buzz, wicked sense of humor, or your hamster. “Well young man, where do you see yourself in 10 years?” This question really irritates a lot of people and it’s a typical job interview question. Why do they ask it on the admission interview? It’s simple, because they want to see students who are determined and who see their and goals in life. And here the worst answer that you can give is something very general like making my family proud, being happy, having a nice job, like things like that. This is this is very bad, do not say anything like that. But instead think of something more specific, think of the next step that you will make and which will bring you to your end goal. Something that you should not mention in here is “in the future I will be traveling” or “I haven’t really given much thought“. No, do not answer like that!

We will continue to part 3

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