How to Pass University Admission Interview – Part 3

Next one: “What was an obstacle you faced and how did you get through it exactly?” Think of a time in your life where you faced a challenge, a real challenge and when you put in some significant effort to solve it. It can be anything basically related to your problems in daily life, at school or maybe at home with your friends. Some extracurricular activities, anything, which showcases that you are really nice problem-solver and that you do not panic when you see something is going on not how you planned it before.

Next you might be asked “To give an example of the time when you had to convince other people of your own point of view“. And here I recall some projects or some work experience that made me to be very persuasive and that challenged me to persuade people to do something that I wanted to do and again here this is a very narrow, specific subject, and I do not suggest you to go general. If you don’t have anything at all, I dunno, in your daily life, with your family, with your friends, extracurricular activities, anything that you have been up to – make it up! Do not try to make it up on the interview, but try to think about it before, so that you can bring up some ideas.

And the last question we are going to discuss is: “What did you read on the train?” And although this seems a little bit weird but in reality it is designed to spark discussion about your current interests and it requires a quick-fire answer, so you either have to name something that is connected to your subject of study, something maybe the opposite to show that you are a multilateral person, or something that is more broad and classic. But do not name anything populist or discredited or something that you haven’t actually read, or something like “Twilight”, “The Daily Mail”, “Cosmopolitan”. No. So, that’s It! And don’t forget that the overall impression is graded as well, so make sure you are smiley, open, positive, professional, thoughtful, concise: a person that that they really want to see in their university.

Of course you might be asked something completely new to you, something completely unexpected, but there is no need to be nervous, because when you’re thoughtful when you’re professional and when you give detailed answers: very open, direct, straightforward answers – you will be good. And if you want some additional preparation, definitely ask your friends to help you and to ask some questions, so that you can feel yourself in that interview environment. And maybe also ask them to give you grades.

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