How To Write A Perfect Admissions Essay (Statement of Purpose)

We’re going to discuss motivation letters this is one of the most important aspects when you apply to university. I’ve gone through this process. I wrote 6 motivation letters because I applied to 6 universities and I know it plays an amazing role in the application process.

We’re going to discuss top 5 things you need to consider when writing a motivation letter. The most important things about a motivation letter is that you look at it as being part of the entire package of your documents which you submit. When you gather these documets together, you’ve got your exam scores for your field or whatever discipline you’re entering into you’ve got your diploma and your grades and your marks and then you have this other part application. Sometimes, this letter is attached to and the most detailed thing about you as individual is often going to be in this application where they ask questions like “Why do you want to go here? What experience do you have? Do you have work experience? What sorts of hobbies do you have? What languages do you speak?” All of these things are in the application.

Many students make a mistake when they’re preparing these letters as they use the application as the basis for the letter. They end repeting it, repeating half of what they wrote in the letter. What you need to look at is look first at the whole documents and imagine that this person in the admission commetee is looking at you and only knows you from these documents.

If you imagine yourself as a character that’s only knows from this – what’s missing? What is where about you that is not in this package? Your voice is missing actually because you have numbers and diplomas but you don’t have your voice. Many universities have very detailed application questions that are part of the application and in that case you need to talk about something else in the letter. Make sure that the letter is something that supliments the application and doesn’t repeat it so it has new information.

The second thing is really important you get a picture and it’s written precisely to the audience that is going to be reading a piece of writing and that the people who are there, who are on this commetee are going to be attracted by this document to you as a person and this is distinguish to a lot of where you’re going.

If you’re going into BA program or you’re younger student they’re principally interested in you as a person and in you as a potential adult and so it’s very important to talk about your hobbies show yourself as being a rounded person that’s a common adjective – a well rounded person but if you’re going into Master’s or Doctor’s program they’re interested to know exactly how you’re prepared and why you’re interested in this particular program in this particular field.

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