IELTS Speaking band 7.5 | Top 13 tips

IELTS speaking section of the exam is the most exciting part because we couldn’t predict the topics we would talk about and how the examiner would be like.

First of all, arrange the time of your speaking section on the day of actual exam. Because this is when you’ve been in that English surrounding for a while and you want to continue in that English flow and you just don’t want to get back on track the day after. Then, this is the perfect timing on the day of the exam to have your speaking test.

Smile! First impression and confident eye contact always matter, because this is a human being in front of you basically. Talk as fluently as possible and stop if you need time to think because you don’t want to stumble upon every word in your sentence. Don’t be afraid to correct yourself because this will only improve your answer. Always speak more than the examiner and never give single word answers.

Always try to build up your thought and to show your knowledge. You probably know this, but still try mock tests before the exam. This helps immensely.

Don’t be ashamed to ask for clarification, if necessary, because this will only improve your answer and basically this is what you want. Learn what types of questions to expect and think of a vocabulary that you need to practice.

Use YouTube to listen how native speakers actually sound. This is probably the biggest part of the preparation. It’s thankful that we have YouTube because it enables us basically to surround ourselves with native speakers any time of day. Hundreds of them.

Never forget grammar! Your fluency won’t be so impressive if you keep making all those small mistakes or massive ones in your speech. Also, learn some linking phrases that will buy some time while you’re thinking. This is so helpful. Also, never learn scripted answers because examiners do know how to spot them and they will consider this a poor performance.

Not only start cheerful and confident but also try to finish strongly you know to make that lasting impression in the end. And it is always so important.

As we’re finished with the tips, be prepared to anything and know that they might ask something you’re not so familiar with but still you have to be consistent and fluent with your answers.

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