Job Search : How to Write a CV for a Student

Deborah linda, an employer liaison with East Bay Works career centers in Contra Costa County, talks about how to write a CV for a student.

A CV is just a fancy name for a resume. You may think as being a student with no real job experience tso that you don’t have enough information to write a CV or resume. In fact, you do. These are a few tips and tricks to show you how.

First of all, if you’re a student in high school or college you probably have a Career Center on campus. That is a great place to start. You can go there and get a lot of career information including resume samples information on how to write a resume. You can certainly visit one-stop Career Center’s, like East Bay Works where I work all over the United States. The library also has information and there’s tons of information on the internet. Be sure to use that as well.

We’re going to look at a format. That’s real particular to writing a resume for students. The real basic format where you’d have your name and contact information on top. Then, you have a job objective which you’re a college student. A job objectives is simply the major that you are in college. For example, if you’re studying to be an RN, you would put the objective to obtain or in position in a major hospital or in a small clinic. It depends upon where you’d like to work.

Put down highlights of qualifications. These highlights are what we call a power punch statement. These qualifications really show what you have done in school in volunteering that. Going back to your job objective things, such as graduating with a Bachelor of Science in the top 10% of the class at Boise State University things, volunteering at Sutter Solano Hospital in there for six months. Those are the kinds qualifying statements that you want to show that you’re a real doer.

Go above and beyond what just basic college students do. If you’re a high school student, you may want to put down things such as volunteers. Any kinds of clubs or organizations, sport teams are really great because it shows that you can work individually or as a team player. Employers really like to see that those activities.

Think about things that you’ve had to do with class projects such as organizational skills. If you’ve had to be the lead on a particular project, you had to delegate work. You had to work on a computer. Maybe, you had to complete a spreadsheet or a Power Point presentation. Those are all skills that you can put under your highlights. Don’t forget computer skills I think that most students these days are just very computer literate and companies need that information. Also, soft skills are important for your resumes such as being on time, being able to learn quickly, being flexible. Those are all types of things that employers are looking for.

You can put down your work experience if you have a part-time job. Definitely list that. Maybe you had a full-time job and had to go to college, that’s great too. However if you don’t have any outside work experience, use internships or practicum credits. Those types of things or even odd jobs that you’ve done such as babysitting or mowing a lawn can be mentioned

Use the people that you work for as references. One question about references, you may think you don’t have any work references, but indeed you do. You can use your professors, your teachers, your counselors and also people that you’ve just helped such as you helped out with your church. You should ask them first before you put them down as a reference. Don’t put them on the spot.

She’s talked a little bit about writing a resume for college students or high school students. Hopefully, this helps you.

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