Need Based Financial Aid and College Admission

I want to talk about need-based financial aid and how that might work at a place like Dickinson. If you want merit-based aid, you have to be in the top ten or to be precise top 13 percent of its applicant pool – to pull down some some merit-based aid. But if you’re looking for need-based aid if you come from a background that is going to bring some diversity to – Dickinson it’s very possible that you could pull down a very generous financial aid package.

To look at some of the statistics here at Dickinson it’s a pretty homogenous place. Only 3% of students here are African American and you know 10 to 12 percent of America is African American Hispanics only 6% and even Asian Americans are underrepresented. Here, 4 percent of the American population is Asian American only 3% of the Dickinson population is Asian American. So diversity is a very important goal here at Dickinson.

If you have a very high academic profile if you fall into that top ten to twenty five percent of the applicant pool here at Dickinson and you have a different background you come from maybe you’re a first generation student and you want to attend to small liberal arts college like this and have the kinds of facilities and kinds of opportunities that are generally available only to the to the very wealthy well they’re willing to pay. They’re willing to pay a very good price to get you to come to this campus.

It’s very important for the student of modest means to not close off the possibility of coming to a place like Dickinson. Now you need to understand that Dickinson is relatively homogenous it’s a pretty white place but if you are willing to put yourself in that environment if your priority is on getting a great education at a low price, then a place like Dickinson that has money, that has
wealthy people that are ineffective subsidizing your education, because they
want to bring people of diverse backgrounds to their campus.

Well you may very well win the jackpot here. Again if you’re a merit looking for merit aid, you need to be at the very top of their their pool no matter what your income. But if you have a relatively low income and few assets in order to pay for your college education but you are a very good student, then it is likely
that you would get an excellent financial aid package place like Dickinson.

Don’t rule it out don’t rule out the private colleges if you’re a good student and it come from modest means. Throw your hat in the ring see what happens you never know where you’re gonna get a great bargain.

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