Scholarship Facts & Tips : Finding Free Scholarship Giveaways

Brooke Kramer, a financial aid officer with Argosy University in Salt Lake City, talks about how to find free scholarship giveaways. It is highly recommended that you actually go to your university or school that you’re planning on attend, and see what scholarships are available through them by giveaways. Pretty much that’s going to be you actually applying for a scholarship.

Then, seeing if you will be awarded the scholarship. You can also do scholarship searches on the web but it is highly advised that you be very careful with what you apply for. You want to be wary of applying for anything that requires cash payments towards it or that you win something and you haven’t even applied for it. There are many scam websites out there that you want to be careful for. Anything with a word giveaway you want to highly research it before you actually give any personal information out.

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