Scholarships & Financial Aid : About Free Scholarship Applications for High School Students

Brooke Kramer, a financial aid officer with Argosy University in Salt Lake City, is going to talk about what are free scholarship applications for high school students.

There are a lot of scholarships available especially for high school students who are planning on continuing their education into their undergraduate degree. You can find a lot of these scholarships either by going to your high school counselor who will provide you a list of scholarships or as well as actually going to the universities that you are planning on attending and getting a list of scholarships through them.

Most scholarship applications are completely free and some do require that you provide an essay or letters of recommendations. Types of scholarships you can look for can range from academic scholarships to community service or leadership. When you start completing applications you want to make sure they that you meet the qualifications as well as you’re applying for ones that relate to you.

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