Scholarships & Financial Aid : About Nursing Scholarships

Brooke Kramer, a financial aid officer with Argosy University in Salt Lake City, talks about how to find nursing scholarships. There are a lot of nursing scholarships available. You can find them through your university, through private organizations, through the government, as well as nonprofit organizations.

When you start looking, you’re definitely going to first check out different nursing associations. It is because there are a lot of scholarships available through those nonprofit organizations. The school that which you’re applying should normally have nursing scholarships available to you as well.

When you start researching these scholarships you’re going to first want to make sure you’re meeting the requirements. While you’re even in your undergraduate program, you want to make sure you’re having experience in leadership that you are doing a lot of possibly volunteering as well as keeping your grade point average up. These are really the main considerations they’re going to be looking at when you are applying for scholarships. If you have additional questions regarding Pell Grant, you can check here.

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