Scholarships & Financial Aid : How to Get a Football Scholarship

Brooke kramer talks about how to get a football scholarship. The very first thing, you’re going to do is actually start working towards a scholarship in your freshman or sophomore year of high school. This is because you need to first work on your skills as a football player.

Start working on your grades and have participation in your community. When you apply for a scholarship, they not only look at your skills as a football player but they’re also looking at your grade point average at your high school as well as what really differentiates you from maybe another football player. That’s where the community service or leadership abilities you attained while in high school.

To get you through that, you’re also going to contact the school that you plan on attending to make sure they offer a football scholarship and if they do, see if you can contact the coach and start a relationship with him. So, maybe you’re more likely to receive a scholarship because you know him and also that you know what his requirements are for those types of scholarships.

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