Student Financial Aid : What Questions to Ask Financial Aid Professionals

Brooke Kramer, a financial aid officer at Argosy University in Salt Lake City, talks about questions to ask your financial aid professional.

The first question, of course, would be ‘How do I start the process of applying for financial aid?’ That’s a very big question because usually there’s a lot of steps involved. Usually, they’re different from school to school. You’re going to definitely know what you need to do specifically for the university you’re going to be attending.

Another question to be is ‘What are going to be my cost for each semester?’ and also for the total cost of the program, you definitely want to be as knowledgeable as you can before you start a program. So, you’re not surprised at any cost that may accrue while you’re in school. It’s also good to know what your repayments are going to be once you graduate. So you can make the appropriate measures to make sure you have enough to pay for your student loans once you graduate.

Another great question to ask your officer is ‘What types of free aid are available?’ The great thing about free aid is that it’s usually free money that you can work use towards your education and you don’t have to pay back so the more free age you have the less you have to pay back once you graduate from school.

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