Time management tips for PhDs

I Think Each Of Us Are, To Some Degree, We
All Have Similar Needs, To Some Degree, As Academics We Have Certain Projects That Run
Similar Pathways, So To Speak. So I Would Definitely Look At How It’s Been Done Before.
Don’t Think You Have To Reinvent The Wheel. Consider Looking At Historical Evidence, Look
At Project Templates, Talk To Peers, Talk To (potentially) Supervisors, Etc, That Have
Done This Before. So That They Can Say “”hey, I Used That Tool” Or “this Is How I Actually
Did It Before.” SO What We Call That In The Proejct Management World Is Expert Judgement.
Look Towards Our Peer Group Or Look Outside Of Ourselves When We’re Planning. And My Other
Methodology Is To Think About Building A Plan. If You’re Working With The Thesis Or You’re
Working Towards A Goal, Maybe It’s A Doctorat. I Would Maybe Backward Engineer That A Little
Bit. Look At What My End Deliverable Is. And For Some People It’s Different, For Some People
It’s “I Want To Walk Across That Stage And Receive That Diploma In My Hand.” And For
Some Other People It’s “I Really Would Like To Change The World And I See …