College Expert on Lewis & Clark College: An International Liberal Arts Curriculum

Lewis & Clark College Is A Liberal Arts
College. It Is Not Only A Liberal Arts Focused University That That Really Is
An Undergraduate School That Does Have A Law School There Is A Graduate School
But The Primary Focus Of This Institution Is On Undergraduate
Education. When I’m Talking To Students And We’re Thinking About Curriculum In
General And How To Decide What Kind Of Institution You Want To Go To I Actually
Push Students To Think About The Curriculum Requirements. So Here At Lewis & Clark For Example They Do Have A General
Education Requirement. The First Thing Is During The Freshman Year Students Take
Two Semesters Of A Sequence To Help Students Adapt To A College Environment.
This Kind Of University Education. So The First Semester Is A
Class That Everyone Takes And Everyone Reads More Or Less The Same Books Those
Books May Change From Year To Year And That Is Really An Introduction To
University Academic And The University Academic Requirements, Helping Students
Get Their Writing Up To Speed And Students Are You Know They Have A
Professor Only 19 Cans Or Fewer In Each Class And The Professor Can Really See
Whether The Student Is Ready For …