TOEFL: How to Score 119 out of 120

Hello Guys And Welcome To My Channel. Something Amazing Happened Last Week. One Of Our Students Who Took Classes With Jonathan, Who Is Our Teacher Who Prepares People For TOEFL And Helps Them Learn English This Student Scored 119 Out Of 120 On TOEFL I’m Gonna Call Her Now She’s Based In Italy And I’m Gonna Ask Her Everything About Her TOEFL Experience Tips And Tricks And I’ll Ask Her Some Advice To You Guys. If You’re Interested, Please Continue Watching. Could You Tell A Litle How You Prepared Or What Was Your Level Of English Before You Decided To Take TOEFL. I Studied Foreign Languages And Literature At The University. English Was My First Language Of Studying I Graduated In American Literature. I Hope My Level Was Fine Before Preparing For The TOEFL I Was Not Sure However. It’s Very Specific, I Had To Go Through All Parts How To Carry Out The Task. It Is An Important Thing. It Can Be Your Mother Tongue It Is Not Easy To Understand The Phrases. I Know That A Couple Of Teachers Like Native Speakers Took TOEFL And Ended It Scoring 115 Because There Are A Lot Of Tricks You Should Know. How Long …

IELTS Speaking band 7.5 | Top 13 tips

Hey! Today I’m Continuing My Series Of
IELTS Preparation Videos And I Hope You Find Them Helpful And Useful. Today We’ll
Touch Upon The Speaking Section Of The Exam. And It Was The Most Exciting Part
For Me Because I Couldn’t Predict The Topics I Would Talk About And How My
Examiner Would Be Like. I Got 7.5 For The Speaking And I’m Not Satisfied With This.
Although This Is A Perfectly Sufficient Score For Entering Any University,
Basically If You Want To Have Something Around 7.5 You Probably Might Want To
Stick To This Tips That I Used. So First Of All Arrange The Time Of Your Speaking
Section On The Day Of Actual Exam. Because This Is When You’ve Been In That
English Surrounding For A While And You Want To Continue In That English Flow
And You Just Don’t Want To Get Back On Track The Day After. So This Is The
Perfect Timing On The Day Of The Exam To Have Your Speaking Test. Smile! First
Impression And Confident Eye Contact Always Matter, Because This Is A Human
Being In Front Of You Basically. Talk As Fluently As Possible And Stop If You
Need Time To Think Because …

IELTS Reading band 9 | How to comprehend

Hey! First Of All, I Want To Start With
Thanking All The People Who Watched My Video On Reading. I Was So Impressed
And Actually Astonished With How Many Of You Have Actually Watched It And Found
This Helpful! Thank You So Much Guys For Your
Appreciation. However, I Noticed That Many Of You Who Commented On The Video Or
Contacted Me Via Facebook Thought That They Have Problems In Reading And That
They Are Not Satisfied With Their Score. And Actually They Wanted Further
Guidance. So, Here I Am, Talking About The First Ever Step In The Reading Module –
Comprehension. So, Why Is This Crucial? Because First When You Try To Cope With
The Test And When You Try To Understand What Is This About – You Have To Know How To Comprehend It And How To Relate To It Beforehand. So, The Following Advice Will
Suit For The Academic Model And For The General Module As Well. A Lot Of Students
Ask Me, Do They Have To Remember The Paragraphs That They Read? The Answer Is
– No. You Don’t. Because IELTS Test Is Not About Remembering The Text, It’s About
Comprehending Understanding And Then Spotting The …

List of American Universities Where You Can Study FOR FREE!

Hey Guys, Welcome To My Channel If You Haven’t Subscibed Yet Please Click The Link Below And Subscribe To My Channel Because I’m Going To Talk A Lot About Getting Into Foreign Universities And Life Abroad. Today I’m Going To Tell You About American Universities And Colleges Where You Can Study For Free So If You’re Interested In This Topic, Continue Watching This Video. The First Thing I Want To Tell You There Is No Free Education In The United States. Every Single University Will Require You To Pay Something They Would Have Tuition And Fee Section On Their Website And They’d Tell You That Tution Fee Is For Example 23000$ A Year Or If We’re Talking About A Top University It Goes Up To 200 000$ American Education System Is Good That They Provide A Lot Of Scholarships Assistanships To Talented Students And It’s Possible To Study For Free This Happened To Me When I Got My Full Assitanship For MBA I Got It From The University Of Florida They Provided Me With Assitanship That Helped Me Cover Tuition Fees And Housing And Everything But I Didn’t Take That Offer And I Decided To Run My Startup This Is A Different Story …

How to Pass University Admission Interview – Part 1

Today we will be talking about admission interviews to universities and before we dive in I would like to start with a little story of mine. You know when I was applying for my master’s degree in the business school I had not only to pass IELTS GMAT and finance and management internal tests, but also to pass an admission interview

How To Write A Perfect Admissions Essay (Statement of Purpose)

Hello Guys, Welcome To My Channel Thank You So Much For Subscribing And Commenting And Sharing What You Think About Education Abroad. And Today I Have A Guest – Walker Who Is From The United States And Today We’re Going To Discuss Motivation Letters This Is One Of The Most Important Aspects When You Apply To University And I’ve Gone Through This Process I Wrote 6 Motivation Letters Because I Applied To 6 Universities And I Know It Plays An Amazing Role In The Application Process We’re Going To Discuss Top 5 Things You Need To Consider When Writing A Motivation Letter. So Walker, Could You Please Introduce Yourself? I’m American Living In Russia Phd In Asian Relation Studies From The University Of Pensilvania We Start In America Learning About Motivation Letters When We’re Getting Ready To Go In A Camp My Friend In New York Said That Their Daugher Who Is 11 Has Had To Write Her First Motivation Letter To Go Into A Private School. As Much As We All Hate Doing It It’s An Essential Part Of Life And It’s Selling Yourself And Showing Yourself As Individual Who’s Capable Of Doing Something Basic Part Of American Culture And Something That Is …