Need Based Financial Aid and College Admission

I’m Here On The Campus Of Dickinson
College In Carlisle Pennsylvania And In A Earlier Video I Talked A Lot About
Merit-based Aid At Dickinson And Similar Places. I Want To Take A Minute To Talk
About Need-based Financial Aid And How That Might Work At A Place Like
Dickinson. As I Said Earlier If You Want Merit-based Aid You Have To Be In The
Top Ten Or To Be Precise Top 13 Percent Of Its Applicant Pool – To Pull Down
Some Some Merit-based Aid. But If You’re Looking For Need-based Aid If You Come
From A Background That Is Going To Bring Some Diversity To – Dickinson It’s Very
Possible That You Could Pull Down A Very Generous Financial Aid Package. To Look At
Some Of The Statistics Here At Dickinson It’s A Pretty Homogenous Place. Only 3%
Of Students Here Are African American And You Know 10 To 12 Percent Of America
Is African American Hispanics Only 6% And Even Asian Americans Are
Underrepresented Here 4 Percent Of The American Population Is Asian American
Only 3% Of The Dickinson Population Is Asian American. So Diversity Is A Is I Am
Guessing A Very Important Goal Here At Dickinson. And If You Have A Very …

How to Find College Grants for Single Mothers

How To Find College Grants For Single Mothers You Need An Education To Get A Better Job To Support Your Family But You Need Money To Get An Education Fortunately There Are Many Resources Available To Single Mothers You Will Need A FAFSA Form A Computer With Internet Access Federal Grants State Grants Higher Education Grants Private Grants And Employer Grants Step 1 File The Free Application For Federal Student Aid Also Known As FAFSA Form FAFSA Uses Your Tax Dependency And Income Information To Determine Your Need And Ability To Receive Federal Aid Be Sure To Check Out Websites That Offer Help On Filling Out The FAFSA Form Step 2 Use Your FAFSA Results To Determine Your Eligibility For Federal Grants Like The Pell Grant The Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant The Academic Competitiveness Grant The National Smart Grant And The Teach Grant Each Has Its Own Requirements You Must Fulfill Step 3 Go To Your State Grant Departments Higher Education Departments Colleges And Universities And Contact Them For Specific Information On How To Apply For Their Specific Grants Step 4 Turn To Private Groups Like Nonprofit Organizations And For-profit Businesses That Offer Private Grants Check With The Financial Aid Office At The …

How to Get an Ivy League Scholarship

How To Get An Ivy League Scholarship In Recent Years Ivy League Universities Have Raised The Number Of Scholarships They Award To Students More Students Are Seeking Awards Making The Application Process For These Scholarships Very Competitive You Will Need Acceptance Into An Ivy League School Good Grades SAT One And Two Scores Essays And Recommendations Optional Advanced Classes At Local Community College Step One All Of The Ivy League Schools Offer Scholarships And A Few Schools Automatically Evaluate The Financial Needs Of Incoming Students But You Must Be Accepted First Step To Ivy League Scholarships Are Need-based Meaning They Only Award Scholarships To Families That Require Financial Assistance Tuition Is Often Waived For Families That Make Under $60,000 A Year Scholarship Funds May Be Limited For International Students Step 3 Maintain Good Grades In High School In Addition To Maintaining A Straight-a Average Take Your School’s Toughest Classes Which Will Look Better On Your Transcripts Take Advanced Classes At Local Community Colleges If Your School Doesn’t Offer These Classes Step 4 Score High On The SAT One And Two Different Schools Evaluate Each Test Differently Check Your School To See Which They Value The Most Step 5 Add Flavor To Your Essays Recommendations …