Foundation Year Program – An Introduction

Hi. My Name Is Daniel Brandes I’m The
Director Of The Foundation Year Programme Here At The University Of King’s College.
The Foundation Year Programme Is The Oldest And Most Distinguished Programme Of Its
Kind In Canada. It Is An Interdisciplinary Core Text Or ‘great
Books’-style Programme That Brings Together Great Works From Across The Traditional
Disciplines And Moves Forward In Time From The Ancient World All The Way Up To
And Including The 21st Century. What Do I Mean When I Say Interdisciplinary? In The
First Place I Mean We Don’t Read Any Text Books. Our Students Read Only The
Works Themselves That Are Responsible For Generating The Concepts That Have
Formed Our Tradition. But Not Only That I Mean That We Go Out Of Our Way To Ignore
Or Dismiss Traditional Disciplinary Boundaries Which Artificially Separate
Works Of Literature From Works Of Philosophy, The Sciences, Economics,
History, The Arts… So We, In An Ever- In An Average FYP Week, Students Will Read On
Monday Work Of Literature, On Wednesday Work Of Philosophy, On Thursday A Work From
The Natural Sciences, And On Friday A Play. That’s Not Uncommon In The Foundation Year Programme And We Move Forward Chronologically …