IELTS Reading band 9 | How to comprehend

Hey! First Of All, I Want To Start With
Thanking All The People Who Watched My Video On Reading. I Was So Impressed
And Actually Astonished With How Many Of You Have Actually Watched It And Found
This Helpful! Thank You So Much Guys For Your
Appreciation. However, I Noticed That Many Of You Who Commented On The Video Or
Contacted Me Via Facebook Thought That They Have Problems In Reading And That
They Are Not Satisfied With Their Score. And Actually They Wanted Further
Guidance. So, Here I Am, Talking About The First Ever Step In The Reading Module –
Comprehension. So, Why Is This Crucial? Because First When You Try To Cope With
The Test And When You Try To Understand What Is This About – You Have To Know How To Comprehend It And How To Relate To It Beforehand. So, The Following Advice Will
Suit For The Academic Model And For The General Module As Well. A Lot Of Students
Ask Me, Do They Have To Remember The Paragraphs That They Read? The Answer Is
– No. You Don’t. Because IELTS Test Is Not About Remembering The Text, It’s About
Comprehending Understanding And Then Spotting The …