Finding Study Abroad Loans

Thank You For Attending Our Hangout Today I’m Brianna Davis And I’m Here With International Student Loan And Today We’re Going To Be Talking About Study Abroad Loans Now Often If You’ve Watched Our Hangouts In The Past Usually We Do Talk Directly To International Students So Non-us Citizens Coming To The US But Today We’re Going To Mix That Up A Bit We’re Going To Talk Directly To US Citizens Who Are Going To Be Studying Abroad So More Than Likely You Are Enrolled In Your US School And Are Going To Be Spending A Semester Or A Year Abroad So We’re Gonna Be Talking Directly To You Now If You Are Not A Study Abroad Student That’s Fine Don’t Feel Like You Have To Go Anywhere You Can Still Send In Any Questions To Us Through The Chat Feature If You Are An International Student And We Will Go Ahead And Answer Those Questions For You In The End Also You Can Use The Hashtag Financial Aid Talk And This Also Applies To Those Too Actually Our Study Abroad Students So Send In Those Questions Go Ahead And Use The Hashtag Financial Aid Talk And We Will Get …

How to Write a Killer Scholarship Essay in 8 Steps

Writing A Killer Scholarship Essay In 8 Steps
Thank You So Much For Attending Our Webinar Today About How To Write A Killer Scholarship
Essay In 8 Steps. My Name Is Bryanna Davis And I’m A Marketing Coordinator At International
Student Loan And We’re Going To Go Ahead And Dive Right In.
OK, So For Those Of You Who Missed Our First Webinar On How To Get An International Student
Scholarship, We Are Going To Go Ahead And Review What Exactly A Scholarship Is. Essentially
A Scholarship Is Free Money And Typically They Are For Your International Education.
Now Just Because They Are Free Doesn’t Make Them Easy To Get. So There Is A Bit Of Work
Involved With Scholarships First Locating A Scholarship And Secondly, Applying.
One Of The Hardest Parts Of Applying For A Scholarship Is Going To Be The Essay Portion.
This Is Where Many Students Have A Problem With And The Reason We Have An Entire Webinar
Devoted To
Writing Killer Essays. Step 1: Understand The Question Or Topic Of
The Essay It’s Important To Read Over The Question
Many Times. If You Can’t Understand Exactly What The Essay Is Asking Then You’re …