The Law School Waitlist: What It Means & How to Get Admitted

Hi Everyone, You’re Watching The Spivey
Consulting Group Law School Admissions YouTube Channel. I’m Danielle Early, And I
Am A Partner At Spivey Consulting Group And A Former Admissions Officer At
Harvard Law School, And I’m Here Today To Talk About Waitlists. So, You’ve Been
Waitlisted. Well, What Does That Mean And How Do I Get Off The Waitlist? These Are
Big Questions That Everybody Has, So Let Me Start With, “what Is The Waitlist?” Well
Essentially, It’s The Way That An Admissions Office Is Going To Reach Out
To People And Say, “We Haven’t Made A Final Decision On Your Application Yet,
But We Recognize That You Need To Make A Decision Right Now About Where You’re
Heading To School Because Other Schools Have Deadlines.” So They’re Sending You A
Decision That Basically Says, We’ll Get Back To You Later.
It Doesn’t Mean That You Are Being Admitted, It Doesn’t Mean That You’re
Going To Be Denied — It Just Means No Decision Has Been Made Yet. So When A
School Has A Waitlist, How Do They Decide Who To Admit Off Of It? So A School Needs
To Find Out If They Actually Have Space To Take A Person …