Student Financial Aid : How to Get Out of Financial Aid Academic Probation

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I’m A Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University And Today We’re Going To Talk About Financial Aid Academic Probation Now What Financial Aid Academic Probation Is Is Well A Couple Of Things Actually Its First If You Drop Below Half Time You No Longer Become Eligible For Financial Aid Now Half Time Consists Of Which Program You Are Currently In If You’re A Masters Students If You’re An Undergraduate Student And If You’re A Doctoral Student So It Depends Very Much On Which Program You’re Currently Enrolled In Also You Have To Be Making Progression Towards Graduation And Pretty Much What This Means Is You Need To Be Making Making Your Grades To Progress For Graduation So If Your GPA Drops Below A Certain Grade Point Average Based On What School You’re Going To Or You Are Going To School For A Very Long Time You’re Going To Eventually Not Be Able To Qualify For Financial Aid Because You Are No Longer Degree Seeking Student If You Have Further Questions On Whether Or Not You Qualify For Student Loans Or If You Might Be On Academic Probation You Can Go To Our Website …

How to Fill out a FAFSA Application

How To Fill Out A FAFSA Application Follow These Steps To Fill Out A FAFSA To Help You Get The Funds You Need To Get That Priceless Knowledge You Will Need An Electronic Pin A Social Security Number A Driver’s License W-2 Forms Income Tax Returns Untaxed Income Records And Bank Statements Optional A Paper Application Step 1 Apply For A Pin By Visiting Pind Gov Your PIN Is A Number That Allows You To Apply For Aid Online And To Access All Of Your Student Financial Aid Records Online Keep Your PIN In A Safe Place And Do Not Share It With Anyone Allowing Others Access To Your PIN May Allow Them Access To Confidential Information About You Step 2 Determine Your Dependency Status By Filling Out The Dependency Status Worksheet Found Online At This Will Help You Determine Whether You Need To Provide Information About Your Parents Income Step 3 Gather Your Social Security Number Driver’s License W-2 Forms Federal Income Tax Return Your Parents Federal Income Tax Return If Applicable Untaxed Income Records And Bank Statements Step 4 Find The Federal School Code For The Colleges And Universities You Are Applying To At Step 5 Fill Out …

How to Get Student Loans

How To Get Student Loans If You’re Ready To Go To College But Are Worried About Making Ends Meet Consider Student Loans You Will Need A Computer With Internet Access And A Financial Aid Counselor Optional A Cosigner Step 1 Fill Out A FAFSA Free Application For Student Aid Online To Determine If You Are Eligible For Government Loans The Government Offers Subsidized And Unsubsidized Loans Neither Will Need To Be Paid Back Until You Are Finished With School The FAFSA Will Also Be An Excellent Tool To Help You Find Government Grants But Don’t Forget To Search Out Private Scholarship Opportunities They Will Save You A Ton In The Future Step 2 Determine If You Meet The Requirement For Government Student Loan You Must Be Enrolled In An Eligible Program Maintain Good Academic Standing Not Have Any Other Government Student Loans In Default Be Registered For The Selective Service And Not Be Convicted Of A Crime Step 3 Get A Private Loan If You Are Not Eligible For A Government Loan Credit Unions Can Often Be An Excellent Alternative To Banks So Check Out Several Institutions Before Settling On One If You Have Bad Credit Or Are Not Qualified You May Need …

Student Loans : About Student Loan Consolidation

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I Am The Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Talking About Loan Consolidation For Student Loans And Pretty Much This Is Something Every Student Can Do Normally You Want To Consolidate Your Loans After You Graduate The Reason Is Every Year You Take Out A Loan It’s Pretty Much A New Loan So You Can Have Up To Four Or Five Loans Based On How Many Years You Took Out Student Loans So Consolidation Is A Good Idea Because First Once You Consolidate That Means You’re Only Making One Payment Instead Of Possibly Multiple Payments Each Year As Well As Making Your Terms A Little Bit Longer So Maybe You Have A Thirty-year Payment Payback Period Instead Of Ten Year As Well As Possibly Getting A Lower Interest Rate Before You Can Solid Eight Your Loan You’re Going To Want To First Check Out What The Current Interest Rate Is You Definitely Want To Get A Lower Interest Rate Than What You’re Currently Paying On For Your Loans And Of Course Some Lending Agencies Will Just Take The Average Of What All Of Your Student Loans …

How to Get Started with a College Savings Plan

How To Get Started With A College Savings Plan It’s Never Too Early To Put Away Money For Your Child’s Education Consider These Options Before Choosing A Plan You Will Need A Small Amount Of Money To Start With And A Computer Step 1 Start Saving Right Now Even If Your Child Is An Infant The More Time You Have The More Money You Can Save And The More Interest You’ll Learn Step 2 Sign Up For A State-sponsored 529 Savings Plan All The Money You Put In Earns Interest Tax-free And There Are No Fees Or Taxes When You Withdraw It As Long As You Use It For School Each State Has Different Rates And Rules Type 529 And A State Name To Find Information You Don’t Have To Choose Your Own State’s Plan And You Don’t Have To Stay With One Claim You Just Have To Limit Transfers To Once Every 12 Months Step 3 If You Open Any Other Accounts For Your Child’s Education Make Sure You Put The Accounts In Your Name This Will Make It Easier For Your Child To Qualify For Federal Financial Aid Because The Financial Aid Application Assumes Only 5.6 Percent Of A Parent Owned Account Will Be Used …

Financial Aid : How to Pay for Nursing School

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I’m A Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today I’m Going To Let You Know How To Find Money For Nursing School The First Thing You’re Going To Want To Do Is Check Out What Financial Aid Options Are Available To You Either Federal Locally Or Through Your Workplace In Order To Get Federal Aid You’re Going To First Need To Apply For The Free Application For Federal Student Aid Which You Can Find At WWF Saed Gov Once The School Has Received Your Results They Can Let You Know What You Qualify For In Student Loans And This Can Also Include Grants That You Might Qualify For As Well Another Suggestion Is To Do A Search For Nurse Specific Scholarships And You Can Do This Just By Doing A Basic Search On The Internet For Nursing Scholarship Availabilities As Well As Meeting With Your Local University Financial Aid Advisor Who Can Let You Know What Other Scholarships May Be Available Through Their School If You Have Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Website At

Financial Aid : About Financial Aid for Married People

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer I’m A Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today I’m Going To Talk To You About Financial Aid For Married People Pretty Much When You’re Married It’s Kind Of The Same Thing When You Apply For Financial Aid You’re Going To Go To First Complete Your Free Application For Federal Student Aid And Go To The Website Wwf/e Saed Gov And You’re Going To Complete The Application Now During The Application You Will Need Copies Of You And Your Spouse’s Most Recent Tax Returns From The Prior Year And Also Just Some General Information About Both Of You Once You Complete This Your Financial Aid Officer Should Be Able To Tell You What Awards You Qualify For In Financial Aid As Well As Just Federal Lit A Duke An Also Go To Different Websites To See What Scholarships Are Available For Married People As Well As Visit Your University To See If They Offer Scholarships Specifically For Married Couples If You Have Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Website At

Student Financial Aid : What Questions to Ask Financial Aid Professionals

Hi My Name Is Brooke Kramer And I’m A Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Going To Talk About Questions To Ask Your Financial Aid Professional The First Question Of Course Would Be How Do I Start The Process Of Applying For Financial Aid That’s A Very Big Question Because Usually There’s A Lot Of Steps Involved And Usually They’re Different From School To School So You’re Gonna Definitely Want To Know What You Need To Do Specifically For The University You’re Going To Be Attending Another Question To Be Is What Are Going To Be My Cost For Each Semester Once You Graduate And Also For The Total Cost Of The Program You Definitely Want To Be As Knowledgeable As You Can Before You Start A Program So You’re Not Surprised At Any Cost That May Accrue While You’re In School It’s Also Good To Know What Your Repayments Are Going To Be Once You Graduate So You Can Make The Appropriate Measures To Make Sure You Have Enough To Pay For Your Student Loans Once You Graduate Another Great Question To Ask Your Officer Is What Types Of Free Aid Are …

Financial Aid : How Does Financial Aid Work?

Hi My Name Is Bert Kramer And I’m The Financial Aid Officer At Argosy University In Salt Lake City And Today We’re Talking About How Does Financial Aid Work And It Is Very Simple Pretty Much The Very First Thing You’re Going To Want To Do When You’re Inquiring About Financial Aid Is To Complete The Free Application For Federal Student Aid All University And Schools Do Require That This Is Completed Before They Can Decide Whether Or Not You Will Qualify For Federal Aid And You Can Find This At Www Rgg Edu Now When You Complete The Application You Are Going To Want Copies Of Your Most Recent Tax Forms Along With Your Parents If You Are A Dependent Student If You Have Any Other Questions Regarding How To Complete The FAFSA You Can Go To Their Website Again At WWF A Fee AED You Or You Can Also Visit The Department Of Education Website Where They Have A Lot Of Questions That They Can Answer For You If You Have Any Other Questions Please Feel Free To Check Out Our Website At Www Rgg Edu

Student Loans : How to Get a Student Loan for a Private Pilot’s License

So, You Believe You Can Fly. I’m Cheri Ashwood.
I’m A Guidance Counselor And Today I’m Going To Tell You How To Get A Student Loan For
Your Private Pilot’s License. You’re Going To Pay Roughly Anywhere Between $6,000 To
$10,000 To Get Training To Obtain A Private Pilot’s License. This May Be Paid By The Hour
If You Choose To Go To A Flight Club Or A Private Instructor For Training. There Are
Some Technical Schools That Also Offer Associate Degrees And, Through These Institutions, You’ll
Be Eligible For Any Scholarship Or Financial Aid That The School Offers As Well As Federal
Loans. And Some Examples Are Broward College Or A College In Texas That Has What Would
Be Called An Aviation Technologist’s License. To Get Student Loans Outside Of The Federal
Government, You Can Solicit Private Organizations. I’m Sure There Are Flying Organizations That
Would Want To Lend You Money. A Private Loan Would Also Be A Good Idea Or A Part Time Job,
Saving Money To Help Pay For Your Private Pilot’s License. I’m Cheri Ashwood. I’m A
Guidance Counselor And Your Future Starts Today.