Funding and scholarships: top tips

You’re Thinking Of Applying To A Graduate Course At Oxford? You’ve Sorted Your Funding…right? No? OK, Well Let’s Give You Some Top Tips First Of All, Applying Can Actually Be Pretty Simple You Usually Don’t Need More Than A Standard Course Application So Apply And Let Your Grades Do The Talking Most Scholarships Are Usually Open Only To New Graduate Students So It Really Is A Good Idea To Think About Funding As Soon As You Decide To Apply To Oxford Like, As Soon As You’ve Finished Watching This Video Don’t Check Your Facebook, Don’t Update Your Status Don’t Put The Kettle On First Put It On After Apply By The January Deadlines Yep, That’s It, Right At The Start There Use The Fees, Funding And Scholarship Search It’ll Help You To Find Out If You Qualify For Funding That Requires An Extra Application It’s An Online Search Tool Like Google, Except Instead Of Helping You Look For Cat Videos… [lion Roaring] …there’s Loads Of Stuff You Might ACTUALLY Need Most Scholarships Provide Full Funding Which Will Cover Your Course Fees, College Fees And A Stipend For Living Costs Every Year They Give Out 1,000 Fully Funded Scholarships For New …

Successful Research Proposal Writing Tips for PhD Application | Essay Tips

Hello And Welcome Back To My Channel
Where I Talk A Little Bit About Theatre, A Little Bit About Being A PhD Student
And A Little Bit About Those Two Things Smushed Together. So Today, In
Response To A Number Of Requests Down In The Comments Of A Few Of My Other Videos,
I Wanted To Talk A Little Bit About Research Proposals. Whether You’re Applying To Do A PhD
Or Potentially Partway Through A Master’s Project Or Looking At A
Research Project Slightly Further Ahead Than That, A Research Proposal Is
Something That You’re Likely Going To Have To Write Somewhere Along The Way.
Essentially, What It Is Is A Document That Sets Out What You’re Trying To
Achieve With A Particular Piece Of Research That You’re Suggesting That
You Want To Do. Now, This Is Something I’ve Only Done A Couple Of Times Myself
So This Is In No Way A Video Where I’m Professing To Be An Absolute
Expert In This Subject. But, I Wanted To Let You In On My Process For
Writing My PhD Proposal In Case You’re Thinking Of Applying To A PhD Program
Or Potentially Are Part Way Through A Master’s Project And …