Successful Research Proposal Writing Tips for PhD Application | Essay Tips

Hello And Welcome Back To My Channel
Where I Talk A Little Bit About Theatre, A Little Bit About Being A PhD Student
And A Little Bit About Those Two Things Smushed Together. So Today, In
Response To A Number Of Requests Down In The Comments Of A Few Of My Other Videos,
I Wanted To Talk A Little Bit About Research Proposals. Whether You’re Applying To Do A PhD
Or Potentially Partway Through A Master’s Project Or Looking At A
Research Project Slightly Further Ahead Than That, A Research Proposal Is
Something That You’re Likely Going To Have To Write Somewhere Along The Way.
Essentially, What It Is Is A Document That Sets Out What You’re Trying To
Achieve With A Particular Piece Of Research That You’re Suggesting That
You Want To Do. Now, This Is Something I’ve Only Done A Couple Of Times Myself
So This Is In No Way A Video Where I’m Professing To Be An Absolute
Expert In This Subject. But, I Wanted To Let You In On My Process For
Writing My PhD Proposal In Case You’re Thinking Of Applying To A PhD Program
Or Potentially Are Part Way Through A Master’s Project And …