TOEFL: How to Score 119 out of 120

Hello Guys And Welcome To My Channel. Something Amazing Happened Last Week. One Of Our Students Who Took Classes With Jonathan, Who Is Our Teacher Who Prepares People For TOEFL And Helps Them Learn English This Student Scored 119 Out Of 120 On TOEFL I’m Gonna Call Her Now She’s Based In Italy And I’m Gonna Ask Her Everything About Her TOEFL Experience Tips And Tricks And I’ll Ask Her Some Advice To You Guys. If You’re Interested, Please Continue Watching. Could You Tell A Litle How You Prepared Or What Was Your Level Of English Before You Decided To Take TOEFL. I Studied Foreign Languages And Literature At The University. English Was My First Language Of Studying I Graduated In American Literature. I Hope My Level Was Fine Before Preparing For The TOEFL I Was Not Sure However. It’s Very Specific, I Had To Go Through All Parts How To Carry Out The Task. It Is An Important Thing. It Can Be Your Mother Tongue It Is Not Easy To Understand The Phrases. I Know That A Couple Of Teachers Like Native Speakers Took TOEFL And Ended It Scoring 115 Because There Are A Lot Of Tricks You Should Know. How Long …

5 Active Reading Strategies for Textbook Assignments – College Info Geek

Hey, What’s Up? It’s Thomas Frank, And In
This Video We’re Talking About Active Reading. Active Reading Is A Method Of Reading A Book
With The Intent Of Pulling Something Useful Out Of It. It’s Different From Passively Going
Over The Text Once To Experience It. Right Off The Bat I’m Going To Say There Were A
Lot Of Systems That Have Been Put Forward Like SQ3R, SQ4R, And Lots Of Other Acronym
Driven Systems For Active Reading, And I Think That These Systems Are Too Cumbersome, They
Take Too Long, And I’m Not Going To Be Going Over Them In This Video. I’m Not The Only
One Who Think This. Instead What I’m Going To Do Is Show You How I’m Applying Active
Reading To 3 Specific Books That I’ve Been Reading Recently, And How I’m Able To Recall
The Information Better By Doing That. First I’m Going To Give You 5 General Active Reading
Tips That You Can Apply To Any Reading That You Have To Do. The First Tip Is To Use A
Technique Called Pseudo-skimming. The Longer The Readings That You Have To Do
Are, The More Likely A Lot Of The Paragraphs In Those Readings …

IELTS Reading band 9 | How to comprehend

Hey! First Of All, I Want To Start With
Thanking All The People Who Watched My Video On Reading. I Was So Impressed
And Actually Astonished With How Many Of You Have Actually Watched It And Found
This Helpful! Thank You So Much Guys For Your
Appreciation. However, I Noticed That Many Of You Who Commented On The Video Or
Contacted Me Via Facebook Thought That They Have Problems In Reading And That
They Are Not Satisfied With Their Score. And Actually They Wanted Further
Guidance. So, Here I Am, Talking About The First Ever Step In The Reading Module –
Comprehension. So, Why Is This Crucial? Because First When You Try To Cope With
The Test And When You Try To Understand What Is This About – You Have To Know How To Comprehend It And How To Relate To It Beforehand. So, The Following Advice Will
Suit For The Academic Model And For The General Module As Well. A Lot Of Students
Ask Me, Do They Have To Remember The Paragraphs That They Read? The Answer Is
– No. You Don’t. Because IELTS Test Is Not About Remembering The Text, It’s About
Comprehending Understanding And Then Spotting The …