How To Write A Perfect Admissions Essay (Statement of Purpose)

Hello Guys, Welcome To My Channel Thank You So Much For Subscribing And Commenting And Sharing What You Think About Education Abroad. And Today I Have A Guest – Walker Who Is From The United States And Today We’re Going To Discuss Motivation Letters This Is One Of The Most Important Aspects When You Apply To University And I’ve Gone Through This Process I Wrote 6 Motivation Letters Because I Applied To 6 Universities And I Know It Plays An Amazing Role In The Application Process We’re Going To Discuss Top 5 Things You Need To Consider When Writing A Motivation Letter. So Walker, Could You Please Introduce Yourself? I’m American Living In Russia Phd In Asian Relation Studies From The University Of Pensilvania We Start In America Learning About Motivation Letters When We’re Getting Ready To Go In A Camp My Friend In New York Said That Their Daugher Who Is 11 Has Had To Write Her First Motivation Letter To Go Into A Private School. As Much As We All Hate Doing It It’s An Essential Part Of Life And It’s Selling Yourself And Showing Yourself As Individual Who’s Capable Of Doing Something Basic Part Of American Culture And Something That Is …

What Makes a Good Personal Statement?

Hi, I’m Emily And I’m In My Second Year Of
English Literature, Here At The University Of Birmingham. It Wasn’t Long Ago That I Was
Applying For University And I Would Love To Have Known What The Academics Had To Say About
Making A Great Personal Statement. I’m Here Today To Ask Them For You. I Really Hope It
Helps. What I Look For In A Statement Is To Find
Someone Who’s Interesting And Interested And By That What I Mean Is That Someone Who Comes
Across, You Know, Who Comes Out Of The Page, They Come Alive When You Read It So You Think
To Yourself Yeah, I Really Want To Meet This Person. But Then Also Interested In The Kind
Of Course That They’re Going For, So You Know, Trying To Apply What They’ve Done In Their
Life, What They’ve Achieved, The Kind Of Experiences They’ve Had And They Can Apply That To Where
They Want To Go With Their Studies. So You Know, So They’re Both Interesting And Interested. You Only Really Get One Chance To Make A First
Impression And What You Really Do Want To Do Is Impress Upon The Person That’s Going
To Read …