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Hey, What’s Up? It’s Thomas Frank, And In
This Video We’re Talking About Active Reading. Active Reading Is A Method Of Reading A Book
With The Intent Of Pulling Something Useful Out Of It. It’s Different From Passively Going
Over The Text Once To Experience It. Right Off The Bat I’m Going To Say There Were A
Lot Of Systems That Have Been Put Forward Like SQ3R, SQ4R, And Lots Of Other Acronym
Driven Systems For Active Reading, And I Think That These Systems Are Too Cumbersome, They
Take Too Long, And I’m Not Going To Be Going Over Them In This Video. I’m Not The Only
One Who Think This. Instead What I’m Going To Do Is Show You How I’m Applying Active
Reading To 3 Specific Books That I’ve Been Reading Recently, And How I’m Able To Recall
The Information Better By Doing That. First I’m Going To Give You 5 General Active Reading
Tips That You Can Apply To Any Reading That You Have To Do. The First Tip Is To Use A
Technique Called Pseudo-skimming. The Longer The Readings That You Have To Do
Are, The More Likely A Lot Of The Paragraphs In Those Readings …

8 Habits of Highly Successful Students

We Have Talked A Lot On This Channel About How To Do Well Academically. How To Study Effectively, How To Ace Your Tests And How To Crush Those
Homework Assignments Even When You Have Barely
Any Time To Do Them. But Of Course, Successful Students Don’t
Just Do Well Academically, They Do Well All Around. So, That Begs The Question, What Separates Truly Successful Students, Who Have It All Together In All Areas Of Their Lives, From Everyone Else? Well That’s What I Wanna
Talk About In This Video And Today We’re Gonna Cover Eight Habits Of Successful Students And Yes, This Is Definitely A Riff Off Of Stephen Covey’s Excellent Book, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People, Which I Have Read And Loved. But These Eight Habits Are Unique. These Come From My Own Observations Of People That I Know Who Are Successful And Things I’ve Tried To
Cultivate In My Own Life And I Think Every Single One Of Them Is Gonna Help You In
The Upcoming Semester. So Lets Dive Right In. (upbeat Music) To Start Things Off, Successful Students Are Forward Thinkers. J.R. Tolken Wrote In, The Hobbit That, “It Does Not Do To Leave …