College Tips – Scholarship Applications

Hi, My Name’s Ben Huntington With Eastern Iowa
Community Colleges And We Want To Give You Money. Every Year Students Throw Away
Thousands Of Dollars Simply By Not Applying For Scholarships. We Don’t Want
You To Be One Of Those Students. People Think That You Have To Be A 4.0 Student
Or LeBron James Type Athlete To Ever Be Considered For A Scholarship. That’s Not
The Case. And With Eastern Iowa Community Colleges Our Application Basically
Consists Of Three Things. There Is The Personal Information That We Require Of
Students, So Your Name, Address, High School That You Attended, GPA, All That Stuff
Stuff That You Fill Out Job Applications And College Applications There’s An Essay That We’re Gonna Have
You Write About Who You Are And What Your Goals Are While You’re With Us. It’s A Two
Paragraph Essay. Again What Are Your Goals With Eastern Iowa Community Colleges And
Why You Do You Feel You’re Deserving Of A Scholarship? So That’s Just Knowing Your
Unique Strengths And Abilities. Thinga That We’re Going To Want To Consider When Deciding Who
Receives A Scholarship. We Also Want 2 References And We Want That To Be
Somebody Outside Of Your Friend And Family …

TOEFL: How to Score 119 out of 120

Hello Guys And Welcome To My Channel. Something Amazing Happened Last Week. One Of Our Students Who Took Classes With Jonathan, Who Is Our Teacher Who Prepares People For TOEFL And Helps Them Learn English This Student Scored 119 Out Of 120 On TOEFL I’m Gonna Call Her Now She’s Based In Italy And I’m Gonna Ask Her Everything About Her TOEFL Experience Tips And Tricks And I’ll Ask Her Some Advice To You Guys. If You’re Interested, Please Continue Watching. Could You Tell A Litle How You Prepared Or What Was Your Level Of English Before You Decided To Take TOEFL. I Studied Foreign Languages And Literature At The University. English Was My First Language Of Studying I Graduated In American Literature. I Hope My Level Was Fine Before Preparing For The TOEFL I Was Not Sure However. It’s Very Specific, I Had To Go Through All Parts How To Carry Out The Task. It Is An Important Thing. It Can Be Your Mother Tongue It Is Not Easy To Understand The Phrases. I Know That A Couple Of Teachers Like Native Speakers Took TOEFL And Ended It Scoring 115 Because There Are A Lot Of Tricks You Should Know. How Long …

5 Active Reading Strategies for Textbook Assignments – College Info Geek

Hey, What’s Up? It’s Thomas Frank, And In
This Video We’re Talking About Active Reading. Active Reading Is A Method Of Reading A Book
With The Intent Of Pulling Something Useful Out Of It. It’s Different From Passively Going
Over The Text Once To Experience It. Right Off The Bat I’m Going To Say There Were A
Lot Of Systems That Have Been Put Forward Like SQ3R, SQ4R, And Lots Of Other Acronym
Driven Systems For Active Reading, And I Think That These Systems Are Too Cumbersome, They
Take Too Long, And I’m Not Going To Be Going Over Them In This Video. I’m Not The Only
One Who Think This. Instead What I’m Going To Do Is Show You How I’m Applying Active
Reading To 3 Specific Books That I’ve Been Reading Recently, And How I’m Able To Recall
The Information Better By Doing That. First I’m Going To Give You 5 General Active Reading
Tips That You Can Apply To Any Reading That You Have To Do. The First Tip Is To Use A
Technique Called Pseudo-skimming. The Longer The Readings That You Have To Do
Are, The More Likely A Lot Of The Paragraphs In Those Readings …

How Not To Interview For College

How Not To Interview For College Have A Pesky College Interview Follow Our Guidelines And You’re Sure To Make A Deep And Abiding Impression You Will Need A Blasé Attitude Casual Bordering On Offensive Clothing Bubblegum And A Cell Phone Optional A Notepad And Pen Don’t Worry Not For Taking Notes Step 1 Don’t Bother Reading Any Of The Materials The University Sent You You Know The Stuff That Is Now Propping Up Your Lava Lamp Step 2 First Impressions Are So Important So Select Your Clothes With Care Nothing Suggests Serious Scholar Like The Goth Look Step 3 Body Language Reveals A Lot About An Individual So Be Sure To Yawn Loudly Check Your Watch Repeatedly Roll Your Eyes Occasionally And Slouch In The Chair With Your Legs Spread As Wide As Possible Chewing Gum Is A Good Way To Relax And Keep Breath Fresh Arrived With A Big Gob Of Bubble Gum In Your Mouth Snap It At The Highest Decibel Level You Can Achieve Step 4 If You Give More Than A Year Or Nah Reply Punctuate Your Sentences With Lie And You Know Address Your Interviewer Regardless Of Gender As Dude Step 5 Be Sure To Receive A Call While You’re …

Scholarships and Fellowships – Chapter 1 – Introduction

When You Apply For A Scholarship
Or Fellowship From NSERC, Your Application Needs To Stand Out Against
A Group Of High-calibre Competitors. Meeting The Appropriate Standards
Of Excellence Goes Beyond The Merit Of The Research Proposal Alone.
Members Of The Committees That Evaluate Applications Are
Looking For Exciting Ideas Presented In A Creative Way.
They Expect To See Well Prepared And Communicated Proposals
That Captivate Their Attention. They Are Looking For Accomplished,
Well-rounded Candidates. This Video Provides Practical Tips
From Selection Committee Members On How To Make Your Best
Case For Financial Support. What We’re Trying To Do Is Evaluate
From The Paper That We Get Who The Person Is, Who Is Applying For
The Scholarship And What They Bring To The Table That Makes Them Better
Than All Of The Other Candidates That They’re Up Against From
Across Canada…So Then We’re Looking For What Else
Do They Have? Do They Have Any Experience
With Research, Whether That’s In A Research Class Or A Summer Research
Position Or A Cooperative Placement. Do They Have Leadership Abilities?
Have They Worked With Their Student Organization, You Know,
Their Own Chemistry Or Physics Society, The Student Government? Have …

How to Get an Athletic Scholarship

How To Get An Athletic Scholarship Approximately 2,000 Colleges Award Athletic Scholarships Each Year Is What You Can Do To Get One Of Them You Will Need Athletic Skill Decent Grades An Updated Resume A Video Highlighting Your Athletic Skills And A Take-charge Attitude Step 1 Improve Your Grades As Much As Possible You Can’t Play For A College If You Can’t Meet Its Academic Requirements Step 2 Include Your Junior Varsity And Varsity Experience Extracurricular Activities Your Grades The Major You Plan To Choose In College And Any Awards You’ve Received Step 3 Make A List Of Your Dream Schools And Note The Appropriate Coach And His Or Her Contact Information Step 4 Compose A Master Letter Stating Your Interest In Playing College Athletics Include Your High School Coaches Contact Information Step 5 If You Don’t Have One Already Record And Edit Together A Video Showing You In Action Make Copies To Send Out And Post It On A Free Video Sharing Site To Make Sure It’s Widely Available If You Have Any Press Clippings About Your Athletic Achievements Be Sure To Include Copies Of Them With Your Letters Step 6 Personalize Each Letter With A Line Or Two About What You Admire About That Particular …

How I scored 700 on GMAT (With Only Two Months of Preparation)

Hey Guys Welcome To My Channel My Name Is Marina And Today I’m Going To Talk To You About Passing GMAT Recently I Score At 700 Out Of 800 And GMAT Which Is A Pretty Decent Score And It Got Me To Top Five American Universities Two Of Them Gave Me Full Financial Aid And It Took Me Only Two Months To Prepare And If You Have GMAT Coming If You Have To Take It In A Few Months I Think This Video Will Be Really Useful Because I’m Going To Share Methods And Materials That I’ve Used Also If You Need To Take Total I Filmed A Lot Of Videos About Passing Joyful I Scored 117 Out Of 120 On Toy Phone And I Will Leave The Links Below So You Could Also Watch Those Videos But Let’s Continue To GMAT The First Thing I Did I Found Out The Score That I Needed To Get All Of The Universities That I’ve Chosen Required Something Around Six Six Eighty Six Ninety They Wouldn’t Really Give You The Minimum Score They Would Just Give You The Average Of The Previous Class So I Just Realized The Minimum I Should Get A 650 And I Aimed …

How to Pack for College

How To Pack For College People Talk About Packing For College As Though It Were A Major Life Event Like Getting Married It’s Not Here Are Some Tips On How To Put Objects In Boxes You Will Need Possessions And Boxes To Put Them In Step 1 Find Out What Items You’re Not Allowed To Bring Your College Probably Lists These Restrictions Online Step 2 Contact Your Future Roommate To Discuss What Each Of You Is Bringing Some Objects You Only Need One Up Step 3 Start With The Basics Bedding Of The Proper Size A Towel Toiletries Don’t Go Overboard You Will Be Capable Of Purchasing Objects Once You Leave Home Dorm Rooms Often Have Unusual Bed Sizes Like Twin Extra Long Don’t Buy Sheets Until You Know What Will Fit Step 4 Don’t Pack Every Bit Of Clothing You Own You’ll Probably Go Home For Fall Or Winter Break So You Can Pick Up What You Need Then Going To College Is A Unique Opportunity To Change Your Identity Pack Accordingly Sometimes It’s Better To Be Without An Object Than To Have Something That’s Embarrassing Step 5 Consult The Packing List To Remind Yourself What Else To Bring Your School Probably Sent You …