How to Write a Summary

How To Write A Summary A Summary Condenses The Author’s Main Purpose And Support So That Someone Else Gets The Information As It Was Intended Plus You Avoid Sounding As If You’re Making It Up You Will Need A Text A Pen And Paper Analytical Skills Organizational Skills And A Friend Optional Who What Why When Where And How Questions Step 1 Scan The Text And Make Notes On Paper Read Closely To Absorb The Author’s Tone And Central Ideas And Then Comb Back Through To Clarify Points Step 2 Outline The Main Idea Of Each Section In Your Own Words Include Only Meaningful Details And Proofs Organizing Them From Most To Least Important Step 3 Develop A Thesis Summarizing The Main Points Of The Piece Be Sure To Include The Author’s Name And The Title Of The Work Right Away Avoid Using Your Own Opinions Or Interpretations No Matter How Familiar The Subject May Be Step 4 Arrange The Information To Clearly Support The Author’s Points Adding Details To Each Section Improve The Flow Of Ideas With Transitions That Connect Sections Step 5 Be Sure That Sources Are Cited Properly Paraphrase And Don’t Use The Author’s Words If You Can Help It Make Sure …

TOEFL: How to Score 119 out of 120

Hello Guys And Welcome To My Channel. Something Amazing Happened Last Week. One Of Our Students Who Took Classes With Jonathan, Who Is Our Teacher Who Prepares People For TOEFL And Helps Them Learn English This Student Scored 119 Out Of 120 On TOEFL I’m Gonna Call Her Now She’s Based In Italy And I’m Gonna Ask Her Everything About Her TOEFL Experience Tips And Tricks And I’ll Ask Her Some Advice To You Guys. If You’re Interested, Please Continue Watching. Could You Tell A Litle How You Prepared Or What Was Your Level Of English Before You Decided To Take TOEFL. I Studied Foreign Languages And Literature At The University. English Was My First Language Of Studying I Graduated In American Literature. I Hope My Level Was Fine Before Preparing For The TOEFL I Was Not Sure However. It’s Very Specific, I Had To Go Through All Parts How To Carry Out The Task. It Is An Important Thing. It Can Be Your Mother Tongue It Is Not Easy To Understand The Phrases. I Know That A Couple Of Teachers Like Native Speakers Took TOEFL And Ended It Scoring 115 Because There Are A Lot Of Tricks You Should Know. How Long …

Writing Projects : Graduate School Scholarships

Hi I’m Laura From And I’m Going To Talk About What Our Graduate School Scholarships At The Graduate Level Institutions Are More Likely To Give Help To Their Students It’s More Specialized At The Graduate Level And Students Who Are Attending Graduate School Are More Likely To Need Some Financial Assistance Because They’re At A Higher Level Or More Prolonged Point In Their Academic Career So You Can Find Out About Specific Scholarships That Are Available At The Grad School You’re That You’re Connected With Probably By Looking At Their Website You Can Also Talk To Their Financial Aid Office At The Institution And Find Out If There Are Scholarships Available Now There Are There’s A Different Range Of Opportunities For Scholarship Helped A Fellowship Might Be Where You’re Working On A Specific Project And Given Some Money Towards That Project Whereas A Scholarship Might Just Be Some Aid That Could Be From The You Know State Our Federal Government Or The Institution Itself And There Are Also Endowments Someone A Donor Might Set Aside Money For A Specific Area So If You’re In Your Field Of Study There Might Be Some Money Available To Help You With …

Practical & Creative Writing Lessons : How to Write a Recommendation Letter

Hi, This Is Laura Turner And Today We’re Going
To Talk About How To Write A Recommendation Letter For A Student. Now Usually When You’re
Asked To Write A Recommendation Letter, You Want To Write The Best Letter Possible. But,
Sometimes, You’re Asked To Write A Letter For A Student And You’re Not Totally Sure
Whether Or Not This Student Is Going To Be Perfect For The Thing That You’re Recommending
Them For. But It’s Really Not Your Place To Figure Out Whether They’re Going To Be Good
In This Place Or Not. It Is Your Job However, To Tell The Institution Or The Job, What They
Can Do Well And The Worries That You May Have About Them. Some Of The Best Recommendation
Letters Written For Me Also Included Weaknesses That They Saw In Me, That My Professor Saw
In Me, But Then, Sort Of Saw It, Grow Out And Become Something Better As They Grew To
Know Me. So Include Most Definitely The Great Points About The Student. You Know, How Hard
Working They Are. Include Very Specific Points So You Just, You Don’t Want To Just Come Off
As Though You Are Just Writing That Recommendation Letter …